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How can leverage Pinterest restaurants this Christmas


In this Christmas period where we're going to see what, how and when to update your profile restaurant to Pinterest take full advantage of Christmas. As always and above all, what we seek is to bring value to our audience. Whether they reside in the same city in our restaurant or 270 kilometers, They are all potential customers. try be original and novel ... it is the best way to attract new customers.

Remember that we must be consistent: Pinterest works very well in the long terms, better than any other social network, but new content encourage people to interact and therefore will help us grow faster.

By last, and remember what mentioned above in other articles I have published in this newspaper: Information is golden and Analytics gives you lots of options, so we must do all that we can use it and the best way.

And how to apply these guidelines at Christmas?

  • chest out

For example creating a board "Our delicious suggestions for New Year's Eve " that link to the web where they appear the New Year's Eve menus. You can also display your "Recipes for coeliacs" and so you can communicate to all visitors that you have a repertoire of dishes adapted to this kind of need. On the dates in which we, a checkerboard "Your company dinner" should not miss, since this is one of the Christmas events for customers at restaurants excellence.

further, giveaways, contests, raffles will also help. If you want to get inspiration for Restaurants contests Pinterest and other social networks, I recommend you take a look at the material we have published about it.

  • Creating a publishing schedule

This is something as simple as having Gmail account and thus gain access to the calendars Google:


You need prioritize the content you are publishing to make sense of all. For example, the business scene must be connected before the New Year's Eve menus, but after the suggestive recipes, specialized menus (celiacs, diabetics, for children, foodies, #MeetLovers, rice, tasting, etc).

  • Programming our publications

Analyzes hours where your publications have better acceptance and notes for the following times when publiques (Buffer tools as this will help in).

  • making transmedia

Pinterest going to Facebook and Twitter here, but not the same hours and days but other than. So you double your chances of success in other social networks and to achieve this, Hootsuite is one of the best tools.

  • Noting what interests your audience

If they pull them over meat, even what you prefer fish, meat is what you have to offer.

  • Taking advantage of the visual power options

If your letter and your establishment offer images like these, not waste it:

  • Stimulating the senses of our community

It is true that, for the moment, We can not transmit odor or taste through a screen Smartphone, but Pinterest is the king of inspiration (and therefore of suggestion) and yes lets you emulate those feelings in the minds of those who see you.

The mind is a very powerful tool and in some cases, will fill those gaps with the best possible expectations. Get published able to inspire your customers.

  • Taking advantage of the innovations that arise in the platform

Recently joined Pinterest option "Presentation" in their company accounts, to highlight interesting boards and pins: It is an ideal way to guide your audience to your interests.

Then I leave a video for you to understand better Utility we can get from it.

Use Pinterest to boost your business this Christmas

There are many good ways to leverage Pinterest to promote your business over Christmas: as many as restaurants, and all with their spirits, specialties, environments and different styles.

Apply any of the tips treated this Christmas in your restaurant and tell us what it was your. Surely they will help you get more reserves and increase your activity in social networks.

Greetings and merry christmas!

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