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Using influencers to drive a restaurant


The extent of the framework that have restaurants with digital marketing in social networks It is so broad and extensive that we could lose, It is almost unapproachable in all its variations and possibilities.

For this reason and after a long conversation with Diego Coquillat on whether to expand the range of content and topics covered by the editorial staff of the newspaper, we decided to swing my regular collaborations, which mainly they have been based on developing strategies for Restaurants in Pinterest, to another area of ​​my professional specialization, untreated so extensively and in which catering establishments have and will have in the future a huge challenge and a wide field of work: the Influence Marketing Management.

Today I will make a small overview and introduction to this subject and in later articles I will reeled full potential of this new type of digital marketing:

Based on the definition of Influence Marketing as "that which is to develop relationships with influential people who can help brands generate visibility for their products and services”, whose definition can be found in the web Direct marketing, We develop different types of actions gradually and progressively through three important pillars for restoration, as they are:

1.- Powerful and powerful personal brands of chefs, both influence and determine their social audiences, online y offline. This is especially true in cases of media chefs, distinguished with Michelin stars and entrepreneurs mostly own their own restaurants.

2.- Specifiers and influencers or "advocates", relevantly affecting public opinion with comments and recommendations, serving as speaker of Influence Marketing campaigns are developed between their respective audiences and areas of action.

3.- The influence and metrics, starting markers "popular" as Klout O Loan and advancing toward other more defined parameters, sectoral and / or relevant. Probably not addressing both large aggregators of opinion of the catering industry, already well known restaurants except for very specific analysis of its features or news.

1.- Personal chef marks

This section should be noted a number of specific features and almost exclusive of the catering sector to pave the way and facilitate the development of what later will tell:

  • They are "Marks of Marks", as the chef not be understood without the restaurant he owns or for which he works. And that gives them an important responsibility.
  • They give restaurants a privileged position in the field of Marketing Influence while there is no competition, and the possession and use of all the "glamor" and relevance: here we will find a Cristiano Ronaldo, sponsored by Nike, wearing clothes that supplies Adidas Real Madrid.
  • In return we find the possibility that the Brand Personal chef and fagocite exceeds that at which should support, the restaurant. To avoid this very real danger (and not only when the chef is a worker) there must be a perfect synchrony and exhaustive controls.

A time now the Spanish chefs, both large and small, They have learned to manage very effectively their respective brands, getting great results and providing a really resounding return to their respective restaurants.

2.- The Influencers or prescribers

"Both mount, both mounted "… Why are two links of a chain if they are not connected, see their own efficacies, from the business point of view, however limited course.

We will not here to defend the absurd idea that a powerful influencer, with its recommendation will make hundreds or thousands of diners develop a special interest in a public house; It would proclaim a fallacy and perhaps lead to deception to some of our readers, because it is not so. Now, Nor can despise the multiplier effect that a recommendation of an influencer has when growing community "Brand Advocates" a restaurant.

Conversely, the scope of the recommendation of the influencer will always have a limited duration, unless supplemented with another set of promotional activities and loyalty among which working with brand specifiers occupies a prominent place.

3.- Gauges and metrics

They are an essential element in the Digital Marketing strategy a restaurant, for several reasons fundamentally:

  • To establish itself, because they indicate good health or lack of it in the digital realm: he engagement, the growth of communities and the impact of corporate communication are some of the factors that analyze such systems and place value.
  • In the case of performing an action Influence Marketing collaboration with influencers, the selection of them can be an arduous task, through these metrics and using the appropriate parameters, It can greatly facilitate.

A introductory way about these measurement systems or "valuation" of the social scope, it has to be said that They go a step beyond simply counting followers: although this number is not an alien parameter and never stop taken into account.

Nevertheless, even the most obvious and perhaps possibly why, They have to be set other many factors when making a decision or evaluate a strategy:

A.- In the case of establishment itself

  1. Rate and growth trend
  2. Value of those followers:
    • i. Kind: customers, curious, influencers, prescribers, competition… to robots
    • ii. Activity and interaction with the mark
    • iii. His character as a follower, several or all networks
    • iv. Its geographical proximity (valuing them as potential customers)
  3. Indices Klout / Kred etc.
  4. Reputation specialized portals such as TripAdvisor
  5. Etc

B.- In the case of shares Influence Marketing

  1. Type and meaning of Personal Brand influencer
  2. Brand affinity
  3. Or historical affinity collaboration with competitors
  4. Positioning their personal brands
  5. Rates of engagement reached
  6. Current trend
  7. Representativity in the sector
  8. indices Klout/Loan and others
  9. Etc

Many elements and themes to talk about, but among them we will share with all readers DiegoCoquillat.com those investigations Influence Marketing that seem most useful for restaurants and professionals who work in them… be aware!

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