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Reactivating your bar or restaurant with a low cost investment


Today I want to talk about a project that I met a few weeks ago, is called recio, It is a different initiative, that at the present time can be very interesting for many restaurateurs.

I summarize this project saying it is similar to a franchise concept but adapted to current market needs, with three pillars, theming mind, flexibility and low cost investment. But to learn more about the project I have interviewed Aurora Navarro, Commercial Director of recis:

Interview with Aurora:


said in the interview links:

recio, Give new life to your bar

Grupo IC, comprehensive coordination of construction projects and reform

Nightmare in the kitchen Alberto Chicote

Andalucía Sabor Fair, International Fine and Food Exhibition


The minute-by-minute interview:

00:30 – Introduction what it is recis

03:00 – Video presentation of the project

04:22 – What is recis?

06:32 – How can you help the hotelier recis?

07:58 – Do you do something similar to what you did Alberto Chicote in his TV?

09:14 – ¿Recis offers a comprehensive served?

10:28 – What are your plans in the short and medium term?

12:50 – What is your goal in social networks?

14:05 – What advice to hoteliers?


Keys interview:

-In Spain there are over 350.000 hospitality businesses, but many of them are obsolete and have to compete with big brands.

-The hospitality industry in Spain is short of ideas.

-We must provide the tools necessary to bars and restaurants so they can compete in today's market.

-Recis is a key concept in hostelry specialized hand.

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