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Claiming or eliminate fake reviews of restaurants in major portals opinion


You know what to do if someone leaves you a bad false criticism in your restaurants? What happens when you need to claim a false review?. Receive any negative criticism in your business is inevitable. Diego Coquillat always says that the negative opinions are necessary for restaurants, are opportunities to improve and also give credibility to positive. There are no perfect restaurants and the client does not look perfect restaurants. Another thing different are the opinions, criticism or fake reviews.

But what if you need to report a review on a review site as Tripadvisor, Google My Business O Facebook? Is it possible to delete unwanted comments?. On some platforms, it is possible to eliminate certain types of opinions or negative reviews.

Here are the main reasons that would justify revision reporting for deletion:

  • Left by a former employee
  • It contains threats or hate speech
  • Written by a competitor or contains a promotion for another business
  • Fails to meet the standards of web sites
  • Erroneous or not related to a personal experience with business
  • The review is not your restaurant
  • It contains false or incorrect information

1.- How to claim a false opinion on TripAdvisor

Tripadvisor It makes it pretty easy when it comes to report a comment that does not meet policy platform. This requires the following steps:

Click on the flag to the right of “Responder”.

It will show a picture with various actions and, in the case we are dealing, You will choose the first option, that is to say, “I want to denounce this review”.

Then a new box where you must select the incident or problem that we report opens.

To end, It gives us the option of Add an optional comment for details of the incident before sending.

Following these steps we will have reported a false or fraudulent criticism.

2.- How to claim a false opinion Google My Business

The process of the review report Google It is quite simple. Only remove reviews that violate content policy. And because of that, It does not allow to establish or defend each case.

This is done by clicking on the flag displayed next to the date of publication.

Enter an email address, Select a reason for offense and give it to “Submit”.

3.- How to claim a false opinion ElTenedor

ElTenedor, It is a different case because it has a community of more 14 million average ratings by users who have reserved and they have enjoyed that book. But if the user does not meet the reserve, You can not comment.

They have a reserve management software for restaurants, ElTenedor Manager, that replaces the traditional paper reservation book and is connected to the app. In such a way, when you make a reservation through the app, this reserve is recorded in the software restaurant. Once you arrive at the establishment, the restorer mark on the system you've arrived and you are enjoying your dinner, only then the user will receive an email through which you can leave your opinion.

The restaurateur has the right to reply and can cast your comment publicly giving his version of events. further, thanks to the restaurant ElTenedor Manager also has the ability to send the guest satisfaction survey to know directly his view.

If a landlord has a question about a comment from a customer, He has a personal advisor who accompanies you and helps you with whatever you need HELP YOU.

4.- How to claim a false opinion on Facebook

As Facebook has passed revisions to the recommendations, currently they have two methods for reporting bad recommendations (or reviews), and this requires click the exclamation point or three points right, As shown in the picture.

The exclamation point lets you select the type of offense.

Nobody likes it receive a negative review, but you do not have to affect our reputation. It is advisable in these cases is stay calm and assess whether the review should be answered or claimed. When managing the criticism and negative comments, not to act hastily, and must take into account that most people who performs just want to make sure that their concerns are heard or dissatisfactions.

Though of course, the best way to avoid negative reviews is to ensure satisfied customers to record their positive experiences doing good reviews and comments. A good strategy You can expedite the review process and managing our reputation online, favoring customers who have had a satisfactory experience, let us “Digital bribe” with a positive comment.

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