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Reducing commissions a restaurant with its own website and app


reduce commissions in the delivery orders your restaurant is one of the keys to increasing your billing. And it's not just about selling more but to sell, best. Reducing costs is something you have to always take into account when optimize your accounts. How can you do it? In many ways but above all, Look at what you're paying others. Minimizes exits commissions and triunfarás.

Commissions restoration

Restoration commissions are commonplace especially since appeared on stage, quite some time, the delivery service - take home. And is that we all love and fact, increasingly, the possibility of receive food at home, hot and ready to eat. We avoid buying, time in preparation and almost too scrubbing pots and everything as it comes to eating and getting better packaging designed to avoid having to use anything.

Hence the restaurants are always working on strengthening (and each day years ago and more) delivery line (pick to take) and / or sent home through deliverers. But it is true that implement a delivery service within the business itself, sometimes it was tedious by prohibitive cost of having to design their own platforms such as web and mobile app later, etc.

Companies sharing food and commissions

This was identified certain companies and they saw this as a great business opportunity. In the last two years we have seen the outbreak of online platforms - web directories of restaurants also to position your business to take care of manage the ordering and distribution of the same. Everything looks wonderful because well it easier for the consumer who goes to a place only to find the food you want to choose life.

But everything has its part B and this, as well. For restaurants, It is true that in part is an opportunity that is free to install the complete system required service delivery on the other hand, You are forced to pay large fees for service and at no time have access to all customer data. Definitely, the first point, The commissions, They are something to take into account and assess carefully. It is important to stop and calculate if it is actually being profitable to pay commissions to a broker or install your own system delivery - take-aways.

Always think that as a company, Interested reduce expenses and outflows of money from your business. Assess what impact fees are having order in your bottom is always, the first step you should take before proceeding. And resolve to eliminate the black holes of losses is vital to the financial health of your restaurant.

How to avoid commissions restaurants?

As in any business, commissions are avoided and / or minimized assuming control services you leave in the hands of a third party. That is to say, the fewer intermediaries you have in service, the lower the fees you must pay and therefore, leak less money you will have on your business. This is something important that you understand.

Commissions delivery system - pick up at the local

In the delivery system (Local pickup) it is easier to reduce commissions and indeed, eliminate. further, intermediaries have not at this point be much more beneficial for you because you will have a valuable power in your hands and you directly manage customer data you ask for food. How do you do this? Taking you into your hands full order management through your own platforms.

We always talk and we review the importance for your restaurant to have your own website and also convey your values ​​and essence of the restaurant helping you choose for your next appointment and book a table, also it will help much to boost orders "to pick up - delivery". If you have a own customized website and especially also a mobile App for your restaurant, you'll have the advantage from:

  • Reduce commissions to third parties: If customers ask through your website, not have to pay the commission to the platform through have made that request which. With Klikin we can develop your own customized website and app so that the Commission will always, much less than if you have your advertised locally on an external page. Just do a little study commissions - competition and see how much you can save on request.
  • Full control of your customers: But it is also, if you have your own channels and custom brackets (website and app), You have direct control and fully all of your contacts. Your customers will leave their data (email, phone, address) on your platform and that as we always say, is raw gold to make loyalty campaigns emails, sending notifications, etc. The other way, If your customers place orders on the website of the outsourcer, You'll never be aware of who they are, that they ask for, in what zone, nor their emails - phones or anything to power after, loyalty.
  • Manage offers and promotions: if everything is on your own website, You can choose prices, promotions, enhance a dish or a specific day against another ... Everything is in your hands.

home delivery system

In the case of ship orders home might be complicated thing because you have to hire the "Fleet" of dispatchers, the vehicle, etc., but it is also true that it is becoming easier with delivery companies to have certain dispatchers who work for you by creating more agile links and so, reduce commissions as well.

Either way, if you're also you include home delivery system and You do not want you take care of it (shipping) and prefer to be on these third-party platforms, have your own media such as website and app is essential. At the end, the users we are always going to visit the original and own places of business even, to compare and see options (how many times we'll seekers reservation to see what and when we like a hotel, Let your own website to see what we offer).

You need your own web page and app your restaurant so that you can, first of all, reduce your commissions. Since Klikin we help in this process. will design, together, a website and app totally personalized and based on the most current criteria of functionality, navigability and style. The website and app in your restaurant will certainly, reference in the market and of course, Star your tools to reduce commissions. Yes or yes, you need it.

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