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How to reduce waste with biodegradable food restaurants


A few months ago we published in this newspaper an Article on edible and biodegradable cutlery, with the intention of moving our readers the latest developments in sustainability and food. Today we bring another eco-innovation, which can be a real paradigm shift for restaurants, street food stalls and food industry, in general.

Is about a new way to fight the disproportionate amount of non-biodegradable waste we produce every day. By producing dishes and containers for food based fallen leaves of trees, German company Leaf Republic It is "offering a ecological alternatives and tremendously attractive to plastic containers currently they used massively "as declared by Pedram Zolgadri, CEO of the Bavarian company.

biodegradable plates in just 30 days

These plates, trays, etc. is it so made to 100% leaves that have fallen from the trees. In many countries, street vendors use plastic utensils that take hundreds of years to biodegrade, causing a strong negative impact on the environment. Leaf Republic found an alternative: produce dishes from the leaves of trees are collected and sewn in India, then be pressed in the form of plates and trays in Germany.

The result forms a series of tools such as dishes, boles, trays and other containers they are as stable as plastic, but totally degradable in just 30 days, without generating any residue.

The German company has achieved an important success has been unable to meet all the demand that has generated. To produce no trees are cut, so that not cause deforestation. They sold in packs 15 units or in bulk from 100.

In Spain, the company responsible for marketing and distribute these biodegradable and organic dishes is called Mothern Nature. This company wants to bring our country a series of products with advanced technology for non-waste generation.

To learn more, both plan to send us these new sustainable alternatives, as his views on the ecological functioning of the restaurants, we interviewed Rodrigo Charles, co-founder along with Javier Olabarri and Ignacio Seijas Mothern Nature, official distributor in Spain of these biodegradable plates and ecological:

Entrevista of Rodrigo Charles, de Mothern Nature

What It aims to make your company for Sustainability?

For a project could be called “sustainable” It must be in three areas: environmental, social and economic. Mothern Nature wants to be a completely sustainable project.

As we focus on the first two steps of waste management (non-generation and re), create a direct impact on the environment; Every successful we will be one less thing to bother the planet!

Regarding the social sustainability, We are developing a marketplace, where we intend to create something similar to Etsy.com product reuse difficult to recycle (tires, waste drums, etc.). As anyone can sell here whenever this requirement is met, unemployed people may choose to get some money by reusing for society. We are creating partnerships with more professional type companies to start Oxide Drum, But that is the idea.

The part of economic sustainability It is given by the products we distribute ourselves in the market, as in the case of products Leaf Republic, and the benefit we get out of the marketplace. In order to continue with the project, You have to generate profit; if not, It becomes a dream and vanishes like smoke.

How in Spain we can start fighting waste generation, especially in HOSTELERIa?

In my opinion, the problem is the economy of scale. Today plastic is the standard and is extremely cheap. Other initiatives (except carton) It has a much higher price, Y when more biodegradable and compostable is, the higher the price and the lower the scale.

We are already seeing many initiatives that are very interesting hospitality. The leaf plates, the bagasse sugarcane, the wheat bran, etc…

The dilemma is whether the hotel will wait for users to demand a reduction of the waste or are restaurateurs who will drive change. Egg or chicken, push o pull. Is Spain prepared to bear the cost of these initiatives? We think that this is the time to seek other.

Dishes leaves… Havemo may be possible?

Well, Incredibly, This novel is the same as the botijo. The tapari They are being done in areas of India and Nepal for centuries, like always.

Our fellow Leaf Republic They have only adapted to modern life tapari. They have designed the product 3 covers, They provided it with greater stability, They have improved waterproofing properties and have implemented an attractive design. All this simply leaves and heat. without chemicals, without glue. simply brilliant.

We readthan currently, Leaf's Republic so successful that it is not able or even to satisfy demand. as distributors, ¿ de quis so think I prunedis helping?

Our only way to help Leaf Republic is through a good diffusion of the product. We had an item that had a deadline of 2 months, but today everything is available. What is certain is that production will increase as the market grows, so there may be stages where it is building new machinery and there may be excess demand. It is essential to plan well orders.

We are trying to get a Spanish festival avails our dishes for this year, Leaf Republic and since we have accepted the initiative.

These biodegradable plates, Do maand a uso?

In the short term yes; medium and long term no. But everything depends on how they are used. You can not scrub as a regular dish.

The dishes were created with the idea of ​​replacing disposable dishes, why the problem here is we try to correct the excessive generation of plastic waste and cardboard, so in principle they are for single use.

We use them for decoration and look great!

What other innovations will make their appearance in prócoming months?

Besides inaugurating our Mothern Marketplace, We are working to bring several new: glasses made of algae that can be eaten!, waxed organic cotton to replace aluminum foil / plastic at home, covered made from dough of durum wheat are also eaten when you finish and are delicious.

A direct benefit for hoteliers It is that we try to bring the products are very innovative, so they produce a wow factor in the consumer, it's becoming harder to get. It is a form of differentiation that makes you feel good about yourself.

How many trees are needed to produce known dishes?

That's how great project and one of our initial concerns. No trees are felled. Any. Trees do not suffer any damage and produces neither promotes deforestation.

leaves are used only, and take advantage completely. The remaining part of the die is used to spray, and it used to fabricate the intermediate layer cardboard.

A trend that is increasing

As we will see very soon, more and more shops, Mothern Nature is marketing several products based on leaves Leaf African Republic as the dishes, sushi trays, salad containers, bowls and so on.

This is a much needed new, especially for the first world, where Every day millions of tons of pollutants generated waste and non-biodegradable. While it is true that in less advanced areas have spent several millennia using leaves as plates and even as containers for cooking food, in the West this practice is rather unknown.

Other ecological alternatives for restaurants

In addition to using sustainable packaging such as Leaf Nature Republic which markets Mothern, to obtain your restaurant more sustainable, You can also give away the old kitchen equipment or unused, perform preventive maintenance or unplug all appliances when not needed they are turned on. Another option is to use edible cutlery Bakey's Utensilios, made of wheat, rice or sorghum and are suitable for vegans and of which we've already talked about in this newspaper.

companies like Verterra, also manufactured utensils with tree leaves, O SoloCup, which offers restaurants plates and cups sugar cane, They offer restaurants and businesses in the hospitality sector response to concerns about environmental care and ecology.

Meanwhile, Brazilian chain fast food, Bob’s, He launched with great sales success and acceptance by the public edible packaging for hamburgers.

As we can see with these initiatives, we are in a time that has begun a struggle for survival of the planet. A great start is turn our restaurant into a green brand, using the various alternatives available to the generation of non-biodegradable waste. For it, we already have several companies, as you've come to know in this article and of course, Mothern Nature and Leaf Republic dishes made from the leaves falling from trees.

And you, How are you fighting in your restaurant to reduce pollution that every day we launched the Environment?

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