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Getting the most out of the “Publications” Google My Business for restaurants


The truth, It is not so much a novelty precisely because already carry almost a year old and may be used but, what is certain is that since Food Fighters we find almost daily when dealing with our customers hoteliers such publications Google My Business makes available is something the HORECA channel does not understand, exploit and / or use in your favor. We want, from these lines, try to shed some light on this subject collaborating with some ideas on what are e ideas and tips for daily use.

Allow publications reach current and potential customers through messages displayed in our listings, whether they appear in Search Google and Maps. With them we can create advertisements, offers, announcements on new or popular products we sell (take away, for example) or publications about events in our establishment, and share them directly with users who use the search engine Google search engine called. It would be post carousel (when several) which features a picture and we can add a description, as well as the ability to include a button via the link redirect to different possibilities.

There are numerous advantages that publications have because, if you think, The greater access have clients or prospective clients information and news companies, more security will be generated to make decisions when visiting or book.

What advantages represent publications?

Publications allow things so welcome to our business as:

  • facilitate direct communication between business and local customers.
  • Improve the customer experience with updated information.
  • Announce discounts, special offers, events and promotions.
  • Enhance automatically SEO local.
  • shoot visibility in Serps (Search Engine Results Pages or search engine results pages).

Without knowing it, We spend our lives permanently geolocated with our smartphones and optimizes Google especially those searches that put us in a certain location. So, If we have news to tell, we are working and properly posicionémoslas in the search for reference we, initially by proximity or interests.

How do we start a publication?

The managers of the business listing can view publications tab Publications the listing in mobile devices sitios web de Google My Business. Publications can also be viewed on Maps, Search and tab ‘General information’ the listings according to several indications.

We may add publication mode:

  • Events, as a session of DJ's on site
  • Special offers, rebates and discounts bonds
  • News on products, when new material arrives
  • announcements, for example “We will open up the 02:00h Saturday”
  • As a rule, the publications They will expire 7 days except events, they will immediately after completion and bids if we add expiration.


1. Login in Google My Business.

2. If you have multiple locations, Select the location you want to manage.

3. In the left menu, Click on Publications.

4. screen appears “Create publication”. In the list of options, select the type of publication you want to create.

5. HE will show options to add photos, videos, text, events, and offers a button to access the publication. Click on each field and enter the relevant information.

6. Click Preview to preview your publication.

7. If you are satisfied with the preview, click on To post in the upper right corner of the screen. If you want to make changes to the publication, Choose Behind in the upper left corner and edit the draft until you're ready to publish. The publication will read:

How do we make attractive a publication?

As potential customers who find our business on Google can see our offers, news and events in publications displayed on Google Search and Maps, we can use publications to inform, and it will be much better if we follow some recommendations:

  • clear photos, representative and well framed. The minimum resolution is 720 px tall by 720 px width, one formato JPG o PNG.
  • Think of the role of publication, either encourage customers to visit your store, sell something or announce a new facet.
  • The title and content to motivate customers: “special breakfast for Mother's Day”, “Surprise your mother”. If an event, Describe it in a nutshell. You have 58 characters for the title.
  • The publication is brief and includes only the information necessary: “brunch special discounts”, “our famous French toast”. You have up 1500 characters to add information to your publication, but the ideal length is between 150 Y 300 characters.
  • Motiva customer: “Reserve now”… plus, add the call button the corresponding action as “Purchase”, “online booking”, “Learn more”, “Llama” O “Visit”.

as LEVELS, Google publications are not surprising if some knowledge and much more useful than a priori might seem. And vosotros ... animals to implement them with your business? We read next month! 😃

Images: Customer screenshots Eat&Speak by Food Fighters.

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