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How to take advantage of a garden on the terrace of your restaurant


It is an undeniable reality that is currently fashionable everything related to healthy living, control the calories and eating habits. Because, when it comes to eating out, we are abandoning the search habits of fast food restaurants, and little by little We are focusing our preferences towards healthy food.

The good news is that many of these healthy restaurants not that you bring the food to your table field, It is that they bring your field to your table.

Urban orchard in the garden restaurant

Lo "bio” and the urge to escape the carcinogen has made restaurants and take the lead install on their terraces their own gardens, from where they provide vegetables to cook and then serve them to your customers.

It is true that they are not the pioneers, urban gardens were first. Urbanite people tired of both cement, acidulantes, preservatives and transgenic, They took any parcel of land of their houses to grow tomatoes, onions, strawberries, fennel, etc. Thus they maintained a healthy lifestyle, while they became aware of responsible consumption and the need to protect the environment.

Few could have imagined then that the restoration would also take the lead and install organic gardens in their own establishments. Thena guarantee that your customers what they eat comes from their own cultiyour.

Success Stories restaurants with gardens

So much so that restaurants whose environment favored the harvest instituted this way to enjoy their delicacies. It is the case of Catalan restaurant Can Sala, an establishment that combines kitchen, restaurant and garden in the same environment to enjoy family, with children or friends.

Another parallel is the case of actor Juan Echanove who founded The Pizzarrera, a restaurant that works with straight out of their garden products and develops seasonal dishes, such as tempura and chicken stew with zucchini flowers.

Special mention deserves the great project of luxury Wellington Hotel in Madrid, led by Mr. Manuel Moratiel, who ignoring the provision that in this post enunciate, He was associated with Floren Domezain, an expert in engineering the garden chef known as "the king of vegetables" for approximate the concept of the restaurant with garden to the metropolis. The result? A garden with 20 tons of earth that stands as "The world's largest garden above a restaurant”.

Some tips to have a garden in a restaurant

1. Partner with experienced farmers

A restaurant kitchen may know a lot but some gardening. Contact farmers who know of matter. If not, it is possible that many of the crops are not productive or worse, of bad quality, which would give a bad image to customers. Sometimes it is better to plant one vegetable that is recurring (for example, lettuce), many different and out sparingly, or involve difficulties in growing.

2. Display your products as an added value

No one can offer up to date - A full menu with each product taken from his garden. Instead, adds value the cook or master Take the garlic or onions front of the customer and is carried to the cook to prepare the dish commissioned. That gesture is an added value to products that already are ecological.

3. Plants adapted to your space and not vice versa

In a country with a long tradition of wide roofs, It will not be difficult to grow cabbages, watermelons or pumpkins. However, if we are in a country where buildings take precedence not have very large terraces, instead of reaping great products you can opt for diversification. You can grow vegetables in small volume, and leverage to cultivate species, edible flowers and so on do not leave any gaps in your harvest.

4. Grown ingredients that are expensive or difficult to obtain

If you have a small space dimensions, it is best to plant species whose market price shines more expensive than other vegetables. We will not say that cultivate saffron, but you can get your hands on plants whose price or availability is directly proportional to the small footprint. Get maximum returns.

5. Gives the personal authority in the garden

They are the soul of the restaurant and there is nothing more beautiful than to see how their plants and vegetables grow, They get bigger and end up in your wok or pan. further, they will know what to plant according to your needs, how much and in what state the harvest as a good cook knows not only cook, but in what state should have the ingredients to cook.

6. Make your garden unique

For it, not only distributes well culture to be aesthetic: invites customers to come up and visit (While checking your itinerary to avoid damaging your crops). That will flow the comments and mentions in social networks. Which will result in an excellent advertisement for your business.

All a garden on the terrace of your restaurant can do for you

As you see, nowadays, one of the best added value you can offer your customers is the freshest product possible. Clearly we are in a great wave of everything “healthy”: healthy food, running, give up smoking, etc., so just watching food commercials that come on TV, who no longer speak of “cremosidad, incredible sweetness and textures” but rather “healthy products, low fat, healthy, ecological…”.

While this action plan and publicítala correctly making a good marketing strategy online. Everyone should know that the food will taste in your establishment is fresher than the competition, and that today is a very important point in favor.

About the Author

Article by the editorial team of DiegoCoquillat.com. It has professionals both in the field of hospitality, gastronomy and tourism, and new technologies and innovation.



  1. Hello:
    Very interesting article. We are proposing to incorporate own products and we have ability to have our garden.
    But we doubt whether it is legal to use these proprietary products in restaurant kitchen.
    The query is whether health regulations or other regulating it.
    Thank you.

    • Jose Berenguer on

      Hi, Tony!
      Thank you very much for your comment, we recommend that you approach the Health Department of the City Hall of your city to gather as much information as the rules may differ in some respects between some areas and others.

    • Jose Berenguer on

      Hello Agapito!
      So is, I think this new wave that focuses on showing the public kitchens or gardens that are used to produce food which is then served in the restaurant, It is very positive. I think it gives an image of cleanliness, transparency and commitment to excellence that can only result in better customer experiences.
      Thank you very much for your comment!

    • Jose Berenguer on

      Hello puree, Thank you very much for your comment. We will continue addressing the issue of sustainable restaurants, with gardens and offering their own food, always fresh. The truth is that it is a trend that seduces us as much as you. we read, regards!

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