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As pay at restaurants in a few years


If we analyze the payment of customers in restaurants in recent years, we must conclude that it has not evolved too.

In countries like Spain there are three main forms of payment in restaurants, cash or cash, Credit cards and checks through restaurant (restaurant Pass, Ticket Restaurant Y check Gourmet), although it should be noted that for some types of events, Special professional clients or used deferred payment by check or promissory note.

As we pay in restaurants

The percentages of each payment vary substantially depending on many factors, as the type of restaurant, the product, the client, the geographical area, and even days of the month, since it is much more common pay by credit card at the end of the month than at the beginning.

According to my information and based on different restaurants I have consulted with average tickets 25 € to 35 € in big cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia, the estimate could make this percentage is as follows :


But it seems we are not far from incorporating a new form of payment if we pay attention to an interesting study by the National Restaurant Association in the United States where they state that more than half of customers and restaurants would agree to pay or collect with an electronic payment system through mobile :

This type of payment mainly affect traditional credit cards, as it is the perfect substitute for these and bottom stops not being a kind of virtual card built into mobile, but with the advantage that the position could be performed not only in the usual financial institutions, if not type platforms Paypal.

It will also allow the user to take a more comprehensive control and real-time transactions, since all of them are automatically registered on your mobile.

The payment process is very simple, It is done through technology NFC (Near Field Communication), where the customer only has to bring his mobile at a distance 10 Y 20 centimeters of a terminal collection already owned this technology and payment automatically moved to the mobile, the customer only has to choose the method of payment and accept. We can see in the video below :

Already they are tested in different establishments in the United States, and in Spain the main companies have signed an agreement to implement the system, with what looks like it will not take too long, anyway I will be attentive to the progress and share the news with you.

As customer or owner of a catering business , What do you think of this new payment system, he will be successful?

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