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As customers of the future of the restaurants will be


It is very important for the future sustainability of of the restaurants sector, start analyzing new customers with which we will face in the coming years and even in the coming decades.

This will provide us a much clearer view of the current situation and the importance that the Social Media Restauranting It will achieve in the future to face this with guarantees.

For this analysis I will lean on study published by an American marketing agency called Barkey, in comparing shopping habits 4.259 people between 16 Y 34 years, Y 1.234 between the 35 Y 74 years.

Although the study is quite generic, There are some ideas that can be extrapolated to the behavior future customers in restaurants and they reflect very well what I want to convey in this article.

Restaurants and the Digital World

We must be prepared because we will find a generation of customers, customs and tastes quite different to that of their parents.

They are the first generation of digital natives, They have lived since its inception technological revolution, Parallel to this, They are living the revolution of the smartphone or smartphones and for some years the explosion of social networks.

The key question is: How are your decisions and habits differ from their parents?

  • It is a generation that highly values ​​the restaurants have a good presence web, social networks and mobile applications.
  • He 68% They are unable to make decisions for themselves, the decision to choose a restaurant based on the use of technology to collect opinions of others or seek direct recommendations from family and friends.
  • They appreciate much creative proposals in restaurants, with a varied and unlike their parents offer value delicatessen and exotic foods.
  • It will be important in the final decision for the Choosing a restaurant This has a proposal for their children. They want to live experiences in family.
  • They appreciate much you can interact with the restaurant through internet, by placing orders or reservations online.
  • They will not plan both their visits to restaurants like their parents, They made last minute reservations or even no reserved.

It is clear that the influence of technology and Social Media Restauranting it will be a determining factor in the future customers of restaurants, with habits heavily influenced by these elements that distinguish them from those of their parents.

It is for them that restaurants who want to adapt their business model to customers of the future will have to take some considerations into account, as the constant updating of its contents both web and mobile, active and genuine participation in social networks, control and monitoring your reputation online, adding value to their customers on their internet strategies,etc.

These will be some of the keys to reaching new consumers of the future, for customers of the new generation…you are ready?

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