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How Shake Shack Leveraged IGTV to Reach Customers


The global situation has caused restaurants to sharpen their wits and seek new ways to maintain relationships with their customers through the opportunities offered by the digitization and communication through social networks.

This was the case of the American hamburger franchise Shake Shack who organized what he called “Shack Camp”. Customers had the opportunity to subscribe to get a box of the brand weekly. All his subscribers received boxes with DIY ideas, the materials to carry them out and brand promotions.

Every Monday from your channel instagram (IGTV) the brand uploaded a video as a tutorial to make the crafts of the week. In the kits you could find how to make posters and banners that supported the movement Black Lives Matter or a make recipes like a frozen flan. Your communication director Kristyn Clark commented on how important the use of IGTV was for the campaign.

How can we take advantage of IGTV?

The bell “Shack Camp” I was looking to explore around IGTV and not so much in the results that you could get in the metrics. “This was our first experiment on IGTV, we had no reference ", dice Clark. “It was important to us: ‘Do people find this content interesting?'”

Clark comments that Instagram offers advantages over other platforms. Encourage users to discover and explore while already enjoying the platform. From there IGTV users can act. “Instagram also informs you of the purchase decisions of users, is another advantage”. Shake Shack videos place special emphasis on allowing users to share their experiences with “Shack Camp” and thus build community.

The ability to save Instagram videos. “I think that's why the Shack Camp campaign was perfect for IGTV., why can people to interact", dice Clark. “They can save the video and watch it again later”.

User expectations

Preparing your content for IGTV is important before hitting the record button. TikTok and IGTV are video-oriented platforms but require very different videos and strategies. “We can have a very powerful video on TikTok, but it won't work on IGTV because the user expects different content.”

We understand that at IGTV videos require a more professional quality. Brands need to keep pace with, synchronization to create a more powerful presence on the platform. Comment that a captivating presentation is very important to IGTV, the platform has a very concrete preview before the video can be seen in full length.

But on the other hand you have to understand what type of videos users want. The Shake Shack marketing team developed their campaign based on the idea that people were a little tired of cooking during confinement.

Analyze audience behavior

It is not the first action of marketing what Shake Shack was doing on IGTV. During quarantine, the brand published a series called “Shake Shack at Your Shack”, offered homemade recipes. The followers of the brand responded very actively, since at that time you need to occupy that time at home. But that changed quickly in summer and when the new campaign began the scene was different.

“As we begin to return to normal with the opening of the restaurants and the different phases of reopening that came into effect, naturally, we saw that some of them fell because people were simply not as available anymore "says Clark.

Now that the levels of participation in social networks are similar to the pre-pandemic levels, Clark says that brands using their IGTV must find its value and use it to support their goals. Looking for more sustainable audiences.

“What can you contribute in a unique way to your followers? And how can you do it in a way that is also compatible with business goals? ” Dice Clark. “That is the winning recipe”.

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