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A restaurant with content marketing can gain relevance and visibility on the Internet


Gastronomy and restaurants are among the sectors most influenced by the evolution of the marketing thanks to new technologies. The restaurant owners have to adapt to new trends in their digital customers if they want to stay on the road. And one of the best ways to achieve this is by developing a good content marketing strategy.

In this new era, relationships between customers and restaurants have changed, the latter having to adapt to new ways for users to hear and decide If you go to an establishment or to another.

Given the vast number of users entering Internet search engines, in different social networks and channels to find information online opinion before consuming any product, service or brand, we can not stop including content marketing in our online strategy in order to attract that traffic to our company.

Content marketing allows us reach through different channels -Web pages, blogs, redes sociales email marketing- users with quality content, useful and that give them added value.

The content attracts and loyalty to the users making them followers and later clients. We reinforce the brand of our restaurant making the most return on investment made with our strategy online.

Therefore we must take into account these four basics:

1.- Analyzes before designing your content marketing strategy

You need to know who your target audience. analyzing, understanding and form our opinions from the data obtained from different sources (RRSS, reservation book, Web page) We take more accurate decisions will allow us to make the most of our content marketing strategy to have clearer ideas about what really matters to our customers.

2.- Know your customers

And when we talk about customers, We also refer to your users and followers. In content marketing it is essential that we forget to sell and think about providing value to customers, their needs and tastes, to attract them to our restaurant without using aggressive techniques of classical advertising.

The customer today consume "their way" across multiple devices that allow you to be more specialized, They will become more demanding and more relevant before, for his voice now has the potential to resonate the same capacity as that of a famous food critic.

You know your customers have possibilities, as it says Isaac Vidal in his blog on tourism marketing, segment more content and offer more personalized information and useful to develop your content marketing.

3.- It offers quality content to help your client

It is to be creative and selfless to enter into conversation with users and arouse their interest gradually. Orients the contents with the aim of creating engagement or commitment to your community of followers, that is also very likely to be shared in digital environments.

Talk to your audience and earn a reputation for authority, knowledge or leadership that helps you influence and especially recommendations, in purchasing decisions or reservation. The content attracts and loyalty to converting leads or contacts users and customers later in your restaurant.

All this sounds great, but when put into practice in your restaurant and get attract online traffic that can turn into followers and customers, the truth is It takes work, inspiration and perseverance.

4.- The final experience, It is the key to everything

In the interconnected world of today, we must be clear about some things. First, the ultimate goal of our restaurant should be that the customer gets the best dining experience. Y The objective of content marketing will get through Internet that more customers can enjoy the experience.

In addition your satisfaction will come back another time, will generate new customers through word of mouth and all the machinery that this will be able to launch in the digital world. Publications in social networks, shared photos, comments or retweets, among others.

Second we must understand that this level of satisfaction is at the highest point so far had been. While the customer has gained in power, freedom and relevance thanks to new technologies, owners of restaurants compete to learn to function in this world to create a true reflection of your brand in digital environments.

Through the content marketing will generate brand image, you will distinguish, are you different from the competition and will be eligible for a greater number of users likely to become followers and ultimately customers.

And you, have you thought in develop a content marketing strategy in your restaurant? Tell us your experience.

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