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How a restaurant can get the most out of Pinterest 2017


It's almost a classic think this time what will it bring the new year: What will bring the 2017? When you're a manager or owner of a restaurant, and even more if you are the person or company that manages the digital presence of a catering establishment in Social Networks as options, in these first weeks of the year you ask yourself what, how and when to act to take advantage of opportunities for promotion that gives you this great social tool for your business. For it, you should look out for in the following items:

Strategy options for restaurants

  • What new They have come and how you can take advantage
  • What other news are coming and when (this, We have to admit, It is an arduous task)
  • What did you like your audience; and when it worked better
  • What interests the general public: because not only is loyalty, must attract more customers

Y, when it has already obtained a good database with forecasts, ideas, etc… we must continue with the following steps:

  1. Discard the tune
  2. Deciding when to do it
  3. Plan to do so in a way that is both the most effective and least expensive

The latter is a no-brainer when we refer to the world of business, and specifically the catering: things are much more measured and weighed yet, costs are always placed on the trays of the various facets of the business.

But, curiously, there are many people with misconception when dealing with social media, who they understand that the goal is to make a number of publications, and at most get occasionally something go viral.

Under this prism, social networking and restaurants never understand: he landlord understands income and expenses, why that's what keeps up its business.

But we are not here today to tell you about this, or the need to establish a timetable and planning, the we did last month Y Also in previous articles.

Today we will try to lend a hand to detect some actions to take into account in this new year. For it, we will consider trends will dominate Pinterest along 2017.

But to be faithful to reality, and especially to try to offer real help, I have to warn: know the insight of your consumers (do not worry by the palabro because here we explain, short and clear) is, in this step, of capital importance.


"They are the hidden aspects of thinking, feel or act of consumers that create opportunities for new products, and actionable communication strategies for businesses "

That is to say, are the levers that move our customers: yours, ours, those of others… to ourselves.

And why is it so important to emphasize this here and now?

Because every customer, each target audience, each consumer, is different. And what is true for one does not have to be true for other, there are no absolute rules.

Having said that, let's take a look at "Pinterest 100 for 2017”, board / summary of trends that are expected to 2017.

To detect at a glance almost everything we can fit into four sections:

  1. Gastronomy
  2. Decor (vintage, rustic)
  3. Beauty / Health (Also in food)
  4. Travels (with a strong component gastronomic)

All this, Of course, It has a strong component of DIY (do it yourself / a), that's not exactly what a restaurant looks, but what it can take advantage if manages to offer some added value to his followers.

According to this, the tacos, Mexican and Cuban food will be trend 2017

Also vintage / traditional decor and mixology

And emerges, Or better keep going, a trend also in recent years has bathed our country, craft beers:

Identify the preferences of your target audience

These being the interests of global consumers, it's up to each institution to assess which falls within its scope of business and what may interest your customers and its target (therefore the insight that what you were mentioning before) because not everything is for everyone.

Nevertheless, at first glance we can think of a number of actions that can be really interesting both inside and outside of Social Networks:

  • Simplified and adapted "star dish" so you can work out at home.

It generates engagement Y It makes fans remember the source gastronomic knowledge every time the draw. Y, we do not carry misleading, the user is well aware that will not produce the same quality as professional, so rarely is reached will sell less.

  • tastings: cocktails, café, beers, or any other dish or drink.

An activity of this kind can help us break the seasonality or encourage the days of the week weaker.

  • Elaborations workshops

beers, paellas, traditional or exotic dishes (sushi, tacos, There is a wide range), vegan, without gluten, etc. They can make a additional source of income and help generate a powerful bond of empathy among customers and the establishment.

The limit, as usual, put it here imagination and desire to spend time in the future the establishment.

About the Author

Marketer inveterate. Life took me back and back to Marketing, and I ended in the most social of all, Social Media. I love Gastronomy and Catering: Why not make them my business? Any other passions? My two suns and basketball



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