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As a pizzeria measures the customer experience in real time


In full information age, constant innovation in various technologies and digital transformation that companies today are exposed, keeps us growing old classic marketing. However, Currently the wise Restorer is leaning to a new "true God": the data.

To be more exact, we will talk data and customer comments. So this fall has done since the restaurant Pieology Pizzeria R&D in Aliso Viejo, California. This business has "first bites" to prove absolutely all of their menu items, regardless of which conform which is available at that time. further, this restaurant customers can create their own pizzas with ingredients they choose, unlimited amount.

Meanwhile, pizzeria has devised a “tarjetas-feedback” through which customers respond to surveys and help generate tables based on their own opinions. This information is almost more valuable than the money paid to eat at Pieología, as It allows them to make business decisions based on these data.

essentially, It is a focal group O focus group in English, but that never ends. It is a way to attract people and collect data on preferences in relation to flavor combos, elements to form menus, nuevos apetizers, etc. All this while paying attention to every buzz generated by any Instagram comment.

At the launch of Pieology Pizzeria R&D, brand leaders claimed that the success of the chain focuses on the study and feedback from customer experiences.

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Measuring customer experiences in real time

Because feedback plays a key role in the direction of the chain, which Carl Chang is commanding. As he himself, the inspiration to develop the R & D of Pieology Pizzeria came from the idea of ​​personalization. We start from a concept that lCustomers can customize you all their experience in Pieology R&D.

Meanwhile, managers and staff Pieology are being even more creative than usual thanks to a menu and a kitchen in constant evolution, caused by the system this restaurant. They have even sent some team members outside their shops to present the ideas of this original concept, and get impressions beyond the walls of the room itself.

In the words of Carl Chang: "In the future, we expand into other areas, but for now we will have to wait a little longer to make a decision on that front ".

This restaurant It is becoming a kind of landmark for education and innovation. The aim is that guests can continue to enjoy the best possible experiences in the centers of Pieología of all country, and for that they analyze their impressions in real time.

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