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How to use Google Maps to find restaurants according to your preferences (vegans, without gluten, kosher…)


When you go on a trip and want to find a restaurant, Google Maps it is very useful, But sometimes, recommends many restaurants between which it is difficult to choose. If you have an intolerance or follow a particular type of diet, the choice becomes even more difficult. Even so, Google Maps can save us in these cases.

For it, you just have to customize the restaurant recommendations offering Google Maps, using filters based on your food preferences.

1. Open the app Google Maps on your smartphone.

2. Click the profile photo icon in the upper right corner and select “settings”.

3. Tap on “explore sites”.

4. In the next window, go into “pfood references.

5. Select your food preferences and haz click the button “update preferences”.

In Google Maps there are different options diet available, being able to choose between without alcohol, halal, kosher, vegan, vegetarian. You can always change the food preferences in the same way.

Once the preferences are selected, Google Maps will recommend only restaurants based on them. If you choose vegan, the search result will offer vegan restaurants in the city, so it will no longer be necessary to filter the list of restaurants to discover the best vegan restaurants near you.

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