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They use social networks as business e-commerce food delivery in Spain


Undoubtedly order delivery over the Internet is fashionable in Spain, mainly in large cities but increasingly add new locations.

In recent years there has been a significant increase in web portals and platforms that allow users to access all kinds of online food from the other side of your computer or your mobile phone.

More and more companies that opt ​​for this new market e-commerce, becoming a vital contribution to your bottom line.

Until recently this market was very limited product, basically Chinese food and pizzas, but thanks to technology and new entrepreneurs, Product diversity has expanded very significantly, You can already find products of all kinds, from homemade food, organic products and cuisine from around the world as the Spanish, argentina, americana, Italian, Hindu, Asian, etc., there are solutions for all types of customers.

In my opinion, There are many reasons that have caused this boom, but I would like to highlight some of them :

  • An increase of women in the labor market.
  • The fast pace of modern life with little time to cook.
  • Long working hours and changing.
  • The convenience of accessing a finished product and quality.
  • Television events, especially sports.
  • The smoking ban in restaurants and breath control.
  • Cheapen the product by buying the producer directly.

Therefore, I wanted to check how are you new businesses are using social networks and competition in this field between them, marginalizing the traditional big chains like Telepizza O Domino’s Pizza.

To get a more objective view of the new market niches, I've divided into four categories, and in each of them I have analyzed the presence of these companies in the two major social networks, facebook Y twitter.

Before going into the development of each category, I would like to make it clear that the fact of adding more or less followers is not always directly related to good use, or good results in social networks. In this case it has been used as an element for measuring and comparing.

Below each graph are images with links to each of the companies involved in the analysis.

1.- online selling gourmet products :

This category includes those web projects online selling all kinds of gourmet or delicatessen products are, both domestic and international customers who want an exclusive and authentic product.

Como utilizan las redes sociales las empresas de comercio electrónico de comida a domicilio en España.

Muy de Miguel
Gourmet Alert
Yemas de Santa Teresa
El mercado del gourmet
Mi Espacio Gourmet
Universo Sibarita

Of the eight stores, the most prominent in number of followers is certainly “exemplified” with a community than the 6.000 followers between the two main social networks, primarily on facebook.

The rest, except “Very Miguel”, prácticamante not even reach half of followers.

The social content of this category are based on constant promotions in order to attract new followers and sales, and information about the products offered by different stores.

2.-online selling products fifth range :

Fifth range products are those high-quality foods that are prepared and almost ready for consumption, a lack of finishing touch by microwave, oven or water bath, but without major manipulations and with a long shelf life.

Como utilizan las redes sociales las empresas de comercio electrónico de comida a domicilio en España.

Nova Gamma

This is the category where fewer participants in the market, and it is also reflected in reduced competition in social networks. Company highlights “Cascajares” with a community than the 3.000 followers.

Its content is based primarily on user involvement in day to day information company, sharing events in which they participate, the process of preparing their dishes, presenting staff, etc., and displaying images of the wide range of products that keeps well as dishes ready to taste.

I have to admit that the project “restauranteencasa.es”, which counseled for launch on social networks, He has achieved in a few months to position itself in a very relevant way in this niche market.

3.-online selling food-specialties :

This category brings together all projects online sales of food that fall within a specialty.

Hamburguesa Nostra
Querida Carmen
Disfruta Verdura
La chinata

We return to a category where there are many players, but an undisputed leader in presence on social networks such as “the highway”, e-commerce project based mainly on the sale of organic products directly from the producer, avoiding intermediaries and, with that, the increased cost.

A community in the two main social networks to close 12.000 followers, characterized by being very active and is constantly being recommended products, especially seasonal, sellers on the web offered, also they energize and generate interactivity through product giveaways and challenges his followers.

Is constant see both your Facebook wall and your twitter timeline of messages thanking his supporters service and personal attention available to them, very relevant information to attract new followers and new customers.

I would also like to emphasize “Our burger” They engaged in the sale of raw burgers, cooking at home, of over 30 different flavors besides artisan breads and sauces and are making a great effort to create a social community, participating actively in many social networks and publicizing your product.

4.- Websites that group home food restaurants :

Perhaps it is the category with the most well-known projects by the user, gathering hundreds of restaurants that offer their service at home and has experienced a major growth in recent years and even in the last months.

And restaurants and many customers are using it and is a very interesting opportunity at a time of particular difficulty in the restaurant industry.

Just Eat
La Nevera Roja
Sin delantal
En Tu Boca

The two great leaders in the sector presence in social networks are the multinational Danish “Just-Eat” and Spanish “Red Refrigerator”, in both cases with a very active and social community to the top 15.000 followers.

As in the previous case, the content in their social networks is diverse and active community of followers, which they promote products, They offer them advice, They show news and constantly interact with users.




I want to emphasize also the Spanish “No Apron” with growth in important social networks in no time, a young but very ambitious project, and it has recently come to international market opening an online store in Mexico.

In conclusion, I would highlight as e-commerce food delivery is becoming a very interesting opportunity for both companies and for new consumers who see an ideal solution to a cuisine that is becoming more known and most in demand.

Sales percentages of many of these projects are growing annually in two or three digits, becoming a very attractive market niche for entrepreneurs, investors, national and international companies and where most likely we can assist soon to new proposals and even a reorganization through acquisitions or mergers.

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CEO of DiegoCoquillat.com and director of the EscuelaDiegoCoquillat.com, teacher, consultant, lecturer and entrepreneur incorrigible. If you can not find it here, search near the sea. Passion for new technologies and restaurants ... passion for life.


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