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They use social networks as the 50 best restaurants in the world


A few days ago it took place in the historic Guildhall in London the publication by British Journal “Restaurant” List of 50 best restaurants in the world, with the assistance of many of the leading representatives of world cuisine, becoming one of the most important gastronomic events today.

The list has already been published in every corner of internet, If you want to know click on the image below.

The ceremony could be followed live via streaming and via twitter with hashtag #worlds50best O #50best, I have to admit that the staging was spectacular, similar to the award of any renowned international film festival.

Social Media Restauranting

The list did not have much interest, since before the act had been filtered, and the final outcome was known, but if it is true, that after the ceremony, He woke up in me a great curiosity to answer some questions that were around in my head about how these super-restaurants use the SMR (Social Media Restauranting).

Would the list if in addition to taking social criteria gastronomic inclusion criteria? How to use 50 best restaurants in the world of social networks? They are also a benchmark in social networks?…

To answer these questions I began to collect data, analyzing each of the restaurants social environment and drawing some conclusions that I would like to share with you in the following lines:

*Disclaimer :
1.- The fact add more or less followers it is not always directly related to good use, or good results in social networks. In this case I use it as variable measurement and comparison.
2.- As the list of “Restaurant” It is performed on restaurants, not Cooks on, the analyzed data are accounts in social networks restaurants, although in some cases professional and personal use is shared.

1.- And, social networks change the list :

First I present an alternative list 50 best restaurants in the world by adding a criterion “popularity in social networks” through the community of followers that these restaurants have in both social networks most significant, facebook y twitter :

You can see how there is a very significant change is that the first restaurant list “Restaurant” It would no longer be the danés Noma, would happen to second place, but would be New York's Le Bernardin, with a huge difference in your community of followers against the rest, since between both social networks have more than 100.000 followers.

It really is very surprising that except for the first eight restaurants , the rest, that is to say 42 of the best restaurants in the world have neither 10.000 followers uniting the two most popular social networks today there.

But what seems even more serious is that the 40% does not have any social environment to communicate, relate or listen to their followers or customers.

I would also like to note that within the 10 first, Spain would be the country's number of restaurants more active in social networks, keep four of their five restaurants in these positions. In addition there would be great benefit in this alternative list is the restaurant chef Quique Dacosta would happen to occupy the post 40 the current list to the 5 in this other.

2.- High concentration of followers :

To analyze in more detail the use social networks 50 best restaurants in the world and what kind of social networking use have made the following charts.

We see as the most used social network is Facebook since almost 60% of them use it, in most cases they share the contents of the creative processes of their dishes, raw Materials, around its restaurants and those events or acts Featured in participating.

Unlike what is customary in other restaurants do little direct communication with their fans and there are shared promotions.

About twitter, we see more than half do not have account created in your restaurant, and are completely invisible in this social network.

By last, in this section, there is a fact that seems very significant and gives us a clear picture of little value these restaurants give social environments and the 20% restaurants, that is to say, between 10 restaurants, they have the 80% followers of all restaurants, thus there is a high degree of concentration in a few restaurants.

3.- The list as the most active restaurants :

If we return again to incorporate other social variable to the list published by the magazine “Restaurant”, in this case the “activity twitter” understood as the average of tweets per day to share these restaurants on your twitter account, The result of this new list would get would be the next:

Would be a major change in the first place, would be the Spanish restaurant Quique Dacosta the undisputed leader with an average of over 5 launched tweets per day from your account @quiquedacosta, passing the Noma restaurant (@ReneRedzepiNoma) to fill the position 10 with an underactive account 1 middle tweet a day. The top three in the list occupy Spanish restaurants.

As I said above the other restaurants they would not appear because not even have an account on twitter.

4.- The global distribution of followers :

Finally I made a list and a map with the distribution of followers in social networks grouping them by country, The result is as follows :


It seems logical that the United States is the country that brings together the largest number of followers, because it is the most restaurants included in the list and is also the country where they were born and have developed major global social networks.

Spain has a very prominent place, It is the second largest number of followers.

I am surprised some countries like France, Italy, UK or Japan with a very low amount of followers, providing, mainly the first, a significant number of restaurants and being countries with a penetration very prominent social networks.

Although the list has been criticized by different aspects that will not go on this blog, as part of another subject, I would like to congratulate all the restaurants because I know the tremendous effort, tenacity, sacrifice and creativity that comes from being at the forefront of a highly competitive industry worldwide as is the gastronomic.

But on the other hand, I would like to express my great disappointment to note the report data and launch a reflection.

We are facing one of the most important revolutions is living history of mankind through the Internet and social networks, similar to others in past centuries that forever changed the history.

We are seeing more and more people, more sectors, more businesses and more resources are being digitized, television, press, Radio, the phone, For the first time we can communicate and share in groups from the remotest parts of the world. Information is accessible, It is social, It is global and is cheap.

Haute cuisine can not turn our backs on this new world, in its exclusive glass bubble, where all that counts is the recognition 30 , from 300, it 3.000 experts, justifying a handful of customers attracted by the “decoration”, Culinary has also achieved recognition for his community of followers, it will be the only able to transfer the actual values ​​globally restaurant.

I can not imagine in a few years to technological natives choosing a restaurant because a supposed expert says, a guide or list “wonderful”, that restaurant is so and so, when they have immediate access via the Internet to customers who have lived their own experience in the restaurant, you're going to tell the truth, no commercial interests involved and that will influence emotionally, something that will never get any expert.

Let no one doubt that this great guides know, the product is starting to not be credible if the media is removed varnish which envelop, They will have to reinvent themselves if they want to be sustainable at this new social model they face.

Restaurants future They will not speak only for its haute cuisine, They will have to add something more valuable than expert judgment, the stars of a guide or the Listed, its capital.

About the Author

CEO of DiegoCoquillat.com and director of the EscuelaDiegoCoquillat.com, teacher, consultant, lecturer and entrepreneur incorrigible. If you can not find it here, search near the sea. Passion for new technologies and restaurants ... passion for life.



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