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Using the marketing of influence in a restaurant to attract millennials


When discovering markets and penetrate new segments, a restaurant must take into account many variables. And although that broadmindedness is essential, in the highly competitive sector is hospitality, attract millennials It may be an impossible task if the right tools are not used.

One of the techniques that we have habituated both the media and increasingly, the tradition of hospitality, It is the marketing of influence.

Marketing of influence and restaurants

The concept marketing of influence defined time ago as one consisting develop relationships with influential people who can help brands generate visibility for their products and services.

A classic example of marketing of influence will be found in the traditional and iconic Casa de la Troya Trujillo in Caceres, Estremadura.

And yet the public does not usually millennial acts with the same patterns and behaviors that traditional customers. Why influencers based strategies aimed at attracting the public should take into account these peculiarities:

  • Millennials are impressionable; shattering myths, We say they are much more than any previous generations
  • Its icons are "virtual", that is to say, They are in social networks and digital environments. And this area is all the more true for millennials like any other
  • His love / hate for these icons no longer, in all cases, pure influence
  • usually they enjoy, in addition to notoriety, huge audiences in their social profiles, especially those of Instagram and Twitter
  • And these are in practice, for rent for brands who wish

For these reasons it seems very recommendable, priori, use these profiles as tools for influence strategies, looking as varied objectives as:

  • Gain notoriety in the digital realm
  • Improve the positioning of our brand online, where is our biggest potential audience
  • throwing locations, menus and even chain restaurants
  • Even fill establishments

What can we do with the influencers?

The actions that can be done with them are of diverse cultures; although there is a quintessential, which it is also the closest one is usually the heart of hotelier, by a mere matter of tradition. It is to honor the famous turn with the gastronomic specialties and menu try to make you a regular customer of your restaurant. Of course you can not miss the photo with the owner, thumb up and if possible in a frame where the business logo appears. This, although not always the best, It is an option to consider very seriously.

Other interesting actions they could be:

  • Raffles shirts, DVD´s, books, or anything dedicated by influential figure among customers
  • Recommendation establishment from various channels and profiles influencer in question
  • Sponsorship of the subject during a gala or tour
  • Product placement or Product placement
  • And accounts with many more options, of different nature and appropriate for different purposes

Marketing profitability of influence

On the other side of the balance of these actions, we have an important counterweight, the economic. What does it cost us to develop each of these actions?, Will we be really profitable? Will we return on investment?

Profitability in this type of marketing is a difficult question to ponder, in so far as there is always a tangible benefit because there always comes a box around the return that occurs. Y, on the other hand, the real influencers are not exactly cheap.

Instagram Port

The rapper Porta, 2º more popular in our country according to some rankings, It has a cache 2.427 $ fear post on Instagram.

Because, an ever interesting option to address these investments is harness the power of associations and institutions help us to reduce costs through campaigns, events or collective movements that give a better bargaining power.

And to top it off, we always find with doubt about if the influencer in question is right for our business and our intentions.

At this point there are many ways to make a decision, fortuitous and elaborate, of all kinds. We will mention here only two, They are using common sense although none of them is final, but must be weighed and used in combination with other. These procedures are:

  1. If our goal is the millennials, all have sons or daughters, nephews or godchildren who ask what idols of any area are, which she is currently ravaging among people his age.
  2. Analysis using tools like Audiense O fire Watch allow you to find the topics that interest the fans in the networks of different profiles, site dining and famous.

Nube tags

These, for example, are some of the favorite themes of the followers of a popular Asian restaurant in Madrid.

At this point and as a summary, sintetizaríamos all that:

  • Influence Marketing is useful to attract millenial to restaurants
  • It is a tool whose use requires an investment and sometimes the return will not be cheap
  • By making marketing decisions influence and especially when selecting the right influencer they are not simple: They must be the result of a study process, evaluation and selection concienciudo.

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