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How to see a list of the restaurants you have visited on Google Maps


Google Maps It is an essential tool to be able to orient yourself with your mobile phone, but did you know that it is able to track your movements even when it is disabled? This function allows you to see at all times the restaurants you have visited.

If you use Google Maps linked to with your Google account, all your activities will be recorded in a location history. This function, somewhat invasive, can be configured in case of disagreement. But show interesting facts about your usual points of interest.

Location history is accessible from “Chronology”, within the App. It allows you to organize it by places, dates and cities. In the tab “SITES” you can find all the information about the places where you've been, including restaurants.

In order to access the location history, you must follow the following steps:

1.- To open “Google Maps” and touch the tab “Saved” on the bottom.

2.- Then, Scroll and scroll to the bottom of the page and access “Chronology”.3.- Now access the tab “SITES”, is at the top.

4.- The sites you have visited will appear organized into various categories, as “Shopping” Y “Food and drink”. To be able to see the restaurants go to “Food and drink”.

A list of the restaurants you have visited will appear in chronological order. In each location the last day you went and the times you have been will be shown.

There are several things that can be done with these locations. First, try tapping the bookmark to add it to your personal list.

You can also touch the icon of the three dots to see the last visit to the place or delete the record.

To end, you can give to “To select”, to select several locations at the same time and be able to add several to a list or delete it.Keep in mind that these results are not entirely accurate. Some places may appear on the list that you have not visited, but possibly you passed near the establishment. Independently, is a way to remember where you've been eating before.

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