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“Live share everything that happens in our kitchen during 12 hours on YouTube”


Interesting interview Cesar Martin Y Ricki F. Callejo Madrid's Restaurant Lakasa, un establecimiento que ha sabido tap the full potential of digital environments, in which state that “Internet has changed our way of expressing what we are”. And the best part is that your restaurant has a digital road absolutely in parallel with its gastronomic path, as discussed.

For them a key element in communication is what is happening every day, or rather the minute, in your own kitchen where they have established a chamber It allows its customers during 12 hours view streaming everything that happens in this space, generating quite content in real time.

Here you have the full interview, which it has been promoted by Vodafone Business dentro de su iniciativa “Ideas for your company”:

Por cierto si quieres ver un ejemplo de la retransmisión en directo a través de Youtube, aquí tienes el tuit con un enlace donde lo anuncian

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