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COMPETITION Want to win a personalized chef jacket Facyre?


It is less for Congress Savor Spain at Madrid Fusion and to celebrate FACYRE, Federation of Chefs and Confectioners of Spain, He wants to give you a customized jacket worthy of a chef like you.

How to win this personalized chaquetilla of Facyre?

Too easy, They are just three steps:

  1. Make retweet the tweet that we have anchored (The first tweet) our profile Twitter https://twitter.com/FACYRE
  2. Follow @FACYRE
  3. Follow @Aplusmk

When the contest begins and ends?

Starts the 10 January and ends on the last day of the event 24 from January, so we give the prize 25 January More than enough!

When the winner will be known?

Who follow the instructions will enter the random drawing to be held on 25 from January of the 2018 and you could win the chaquetilla.

Some papers that are not going to end up cap.

savor Spain is an international event considered the most important in the Spanish gastronomic scene which brings together the most influential chefs of gastronomy.

On the occasion of the celebration of Savor Spain at Madrid Fusion Congress, communication equipment Aplus GastroMarketing, Management Agency

Aplus Gastromarketing, agency that manages Facyre, communicate the papers savor Spain using the image of caps chefs. It will customize the cup thereof communicating the essence of each speaker in a fresh and original way. This campaign next to the Madrid Fusion give a return to the communications we are used to seeing in social networks gastronomic world.COMPETITION Want to win a personalized chef jacket Facyre? - angel León COMPETITION Want to win a personalized chef jacket Facyre? - Paco Morales COMPETITION Want to win a personalized chef jacket Facyre? - Rodrigo de la Calle COMPETITION Want to win a personalized chef jacket Facyre? - Tonino Valiente

Good luck in the contest! And if in addition to like caps and jackets have a business and, you want someone professionally dedicated to your network, we can help you. In Aplus gastromarketing We create social networking strategy, consultancy, events, special actions in HORECA channel and everything you need to put the finishing touch to your restaurant business.

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