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“We connect diners with restaurants” Guillermo González-Outón, CEO of Pikotea


we interviewed Guillermo González-Outón, CEO and CTO of Picotea, Andalusian computer engineer who leads one of the most complete technological solutions for restaurants on the market, with which the hotelier can unleash the full potential of his business and adapt to the continuous changes and digital transformation experienced by the sector, and that is defined as a “platform that connects and loyalty to diners and restaurants”

1.- How did the idea of ​​creating Pikotea Software?

The reality is that the first notes came from the simple fact of being the diner myself and analyzing the experience lived in each restaurant I went to.. I always thought that hoteliers could offer much more to their customers and that in turn, this will benefit themselves.

2.- For those who still don't know you, How would you define yourself?.

Pikotea Software is the solution that has become a necessity for any type of hospitality business. We are the tool with which the hotelier can get the full potential of his business and adapt to the changes that are emerging as it is a totally digital system.

Pikotea is the platform that connects and loyalty to diners and restaurants.
This is achieved by a Software TPV latest generation and a diner ordering app, either from the table of the same establishment, para delivery o take away. This form of orders is a concept that we have called Autopedidos.

3.- What are the digital needs and the main problems detected in restaurants in this new normal?

Avoid contact, reduced capacity, cost reduction, the need to use different sales channels and adapt the business in a short time to survive ... these are just some of the barriers that hoteliers face today.

The digitization of the processes in a restaurant with Pikotea solves a good part of these problems, thus the hotelier can make better use of the resources available.

4.- In a previous article we were talking about auto orders. What do diners value most about this system??

As you already mentioned well, the autopedidos are the way in which diners place their orders from the restaurant table (o para delivery o take away) with his mobile as if it were a commandero. Avoiding unnecessary waiting.

All diners who use the Autoorder system most value is:

– Speed: see the updated menu and order without having to wait for the waiter to attend them. Many diners are surprised when within seconds of ordering the drink, they already have it on the table.

-Data and information: view the detailed information of the letter in your language, with photos of each dish, ingredients, allergens and also have ratings from other diners.

-Transparency: know at all times the status of the order, either being in the establishment itself, at home or to collect.

-Ease of payment: have at your fingertips the possibility of being able to pay through the application itself, avoiding using cash or waiting for the dataphone and its related problems.
-Call the waiter: you do not need to raise your hand or look for the waiter to be served. The application itself allows them to call the waiter.

5.- What main functionalities does the Pikotea Software system have?

Our software presents a multitude of functionalities with which the hotelier will differentiate himself from his competition. But instead of talking about all of them, I think it is better to comment to your readers those that customers value the most:

  • Interactive digital chart: this letter has the possibility to include photos, descriptions, allergens and customization of modifiers and offers. The best thing is that hoteliers can modify the menu autonomously without relying on third parties and the changes are automatically synchronized on all devices.
  • Real-time sales control: Thanks to the cloud system, hoteliers can see what happens in their business (sales, box, I escandallo, preparation times ...) without the need to be physically in the establishment.

  • Kitchen display and kitchen pass: kitchen display greatly improves communication between waiters and kitchen. further, offers the option to organize orders by priority among many other features that allow you to get the most out of your kitchen. Regarding the kitchen pass, what customers value most is that waiters receive a notification when the dishes are ready, saving unnecessary waiting.
  • Autopedidos: when diners place their orders through their mobile, the waiters only have to validate the orders and they go directly to the kitchen, thus avoiding errors in the commands, considerably reducing service times, increasing the rotation of the tables and the average ticket.

But at Pikotea Software we not only offer our clients functionalities. One of our most valued services is customer service.

We treat each client with the care and attention they deserve, both in the purchase process and when it is already in operation. further, We carry out satisfaction surveys to find out first-hand the needs of the sector and thereby improve our service.

6.- What are the advantages or differences of Pikotea compared to other systems?

We have several competitive advantages. One of them, and I think it is the main, is the auto order system which we have already talked about before. Order with your mobile from the table, at home and to collect. But within these three channels, the most prominent is that of orders from the restaurant table, since we offer a two-way connection with which there is continuous communication between the waiter / kitchen and the diner, streamlining the waiter's work and making it very easy for the diner to order more products. This translates into a better use of resources, higher table turnover and a higher average ticket.

Another important advantage is that the entire system implementation process is online. We configure everything necessary remotely and without hassle so that the client just turn on the devices and start working. Customers are always backed by continuous and highly personalized customer service.

7.- Tell us a success story of the implementation of Pikotea to promote the digitization in care, ordering and managing a restaurant.

We have several with different circumstances. An example would be a chiringuito on the beach of the Bay of Cádiz, that after opening at the end of the first confinement, implemented the self-ordering from the table. It is a place with several meters of beach and many tables spread over it.

Thanks to customers have ordered from their own mobiles they have managed to make a summer like never before. The waiters only have to serve and they save those long walks on the beach from table to table. And they have noticed a great increase in their ticket especially in drinks.

Another example could be a client that we have in Barcelona who during the first confinement in which it was mandatory to close and you could only work for delivery and take away. This client put our system on and on several occasions he has told us that everything we have from a pandemic has survived thanks to Pikotea Software. He contacted his regular customers, told them that from that moment they would work with orders from Pikotea, and everything flowed wonderfully. According to him, he has even had more orders than before the pandemic..

8.- Within 2 years. What are the digital challenges facing the sector and what solutions will Pikotea be able to offer??

We are at a time when digitization and advances in technology are going by leaps and bounds, and even more for him covid-19, that has caused this need more than ever. In the next years We will continue to see advances such as the use of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to help the sector make the best decisions and little by little we will see more and more establishments adopting these new solutions.

Picotea It will always be moving forward to be at the forefront of technology and continue to offer the best tool to the sector. As of today we are already working on several implementations and integrations.

We want to offer very soon a reservation platform and a loyalty points system for diners among other improvements. And on the other hand we are also working in collaboration with other supplier management and robotics companies. So I already say in advance that we are going to present some projects that will surprise both hoteliers and diners.

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