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Conoce a Flynn McGarry, chef 19 years that is revolutionizing Manhattan


At first glance Flynn is a normal teenager. Blue eyes, supercilious look, bushy blond hair between redheaded, and a rather limited patience. “How many times I have called teen chef!”, he complains. Understandably, being a prodigy is hard.

Attacked by hordes of haters that debunks their achievements and for a not inconsiderable marabunta that mocks him, The truth is that the excitement surrounding the chef is fully deserved.

She is a teenager and worked with Daniel Humm. This was not a summer job for any high school kid. It was a unique opportunity that Flynn, who I dreamed of being a professional chef for two years, He did not miss. Humm was considered, by then, the best chef in the world.

During the Who the Sundance Festival held in late January this year, Cameron Yates screened his documentary Chef Flynn. In it it echoes some of the achievements that have led the young man to enjoy the position it has nowadays, As a brief chronology:

  • At ten he started cooking design dishes for your family.
  • At twelve sold tasting menus in the gastronomic club he founded, the Eureka, which they were around 160 dollars per diner.
  • At thirteen he was apprenticed at Ray's & Stark Bar Los Angeles.
  • Shortly after performing stints with the successful chef Grant Achazt in their restaurants Alinea and Next.
  • He continued his training as a chef at Eleven Madison Park and soul.
  • She cooked at the White House as a guest chef during the presidency of Barack Obama.
  • His media projection bolted and began to be a person of public interest, especially in the field of restoration. He was covered in high-impact media as periódico New York Times and Time magazine.

para Flynn, The next step was open his own restaurant, something that has managed to open the ambitious Gem located in Manhattan, neighborhood where are located almost 90% of Michelin star restaurants populous city of New York.

He looked for investors and bought the restaurant in the Big Apple

It has not been easy. Despite the belief of his detractors, Flynn's parents have not helped him buy the property. With its own means and basing its request on the deeds wrought so far, successful young chef He convinced several investors to endure economic burden which involved the business.

His young age has brought, Besides, quebradero some additional head. In the Gem alcohol is sold, but Flynn, to be less than 21 years, You can not have a sales license. Her older sister, Paris, It has taken him a hand with this. She has always been at his side for what was needed. After that both arrogant facade, culinary genius is aware of all the people who have helped him to be there.

In Gem Flynn, the space is divided into a living room where Coffee is served, sweet potato bread and muffins with blackberries; and dining, where meals take place.

Menu 12 a 15 dishes 155 Dollars

Open all day, in the Gem you can enjoy the wonderful gastronomic expressions engendered in the mind of the chef and materialized in the kitchen, some of which are:

  • cured and smoked ocean trout with watercress, dandelion and fresh cream.
  • Virginia poached oysters with fresh tofu and potato peel.
  • Escalope with split peas tofu and mushroom tea.
  • Warm salad of squid, endives, pillow, almonds and garlic.
  • confit slightly verdel, with grilled cucumber vinaigrette and candied plum.
  • Pears cooked in caramel elderberry with parsnip and wild fennel seeds.

Those who wish to enjoy a series of dishes worthy of a Michelin-starred restaurant and created by what is probably the best chef in the world in a few years, They can visit the Gem for about 155 Dollars. The preset menu consists of 12 a 15 dishes and a bonus. The optional pairing, adds another 100 dollars at the end strut.

nothing cheap, but this is not a menu any: Critics agree that it is fully justified. Get out your wallets!

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