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Tips for finding a good hosting and web domain for a restaurant


One of the most useful tips when creating a website for a restaurant, it is perfectly optimized and designed so that Internet users can browse it and also be well positioned on search engines, It is to have a quality hosting and a good command.

También es fundamental que la página web se adapte a la navegación mediante cualquier dispositivo, either computer, a tablet or a smartphone. This is known as "design responsive”, and given the amount of time dedicated today to surf the web with our mobile phones (for many users is the only device using) is, along with hosting and domain, the three most important factors you should consider to start your web project.

legal obligations

the hosting, Besides being an aspect of the web itself directly influences its operation, It is an issue that has a legal origin, as the obligation to have a certain hosting, It is regulated by the LOPD.

The LOPD is the Organic Law 15/1999, Protection of Personal Data, what, although in two years will change due to the newly adopted European data protection rules, It is mandatory when having our website.

Because, si queremos disponer de una buena solución de alojamiento web, we have to find a reliable company that is able to offer something according to our needs.

A good example is Arsys, whose technical team will help you find the hosting you need, no fixed term and with all the solutions you may require.

Your restaurant website: You can be your best weapon “hunt” customers

One of the phrases dogma of this newspaper is the famous: "The door of your restaurant is not wood or glass, It is digital ", our director Diego Coquillat, and therefore the positioning and image that our restaurant has in the online world, In Internet, It will be critical to attract new customers, and offer those who already have a much more comprehensive and complete experience.

You know what tu presencia online es tan importamte como la calidad de la comida que sirve tu establecimiento, Y sooner begin to realize that the owners and managers of restaurants, better. In the end, time does not stop for anybody, and this is what is to be close to customers, and give them what they need, cast, a día de hoy pasa por lo digital, to a large degree.

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  1. Good day.

    Que buen artículo, muy bien elaborado y en verdad muy buenos consejos!

    Muy importante lo de un buen hosting! Es importante que sea confiable y que funcione lo mejor posible!

    Y algo más…. todavía hay personas que no creen que una buena página web, en verdad sirve muchísimo para captar clientes! Pues si lo hace, más de lo que normalmente se cree. Sólo hay que tener paciencia y mucha disciplina en tu web!

    Thank you very much!

    • Jose Berenguer
      Jose Berenguer on

      Hola Andrés, Thank you very much for your comment. Tienes toda la razón, la importancia de una buena página web a la hora de captar clientes es fundamental. In the same way, contar con un buen servicio de hosting y con conocimientos de estrategia de marketing online también es muy importante. Esperemos que cada vez sean menos, quienes no creean en este sistema, ¡para eso seguiremos escribiendo! 😉 ¡Un saludo!

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