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Tips to improve the relevance of a restaurant in social networks


Many people are already used to consult social networks and the portals of opinions before going to a restaurant. We look for photos, comments, We check if a friend has previously visited the site, etc., all with the aim of choose the option that best suits our tastes.

Social networks grant us recommendations from actual experiences from other users, both known and unknown. For that reason, restaurant, you should consider as an ideal channel for new diners discover your establishment.

If you are not using these tools to promote your local, you're losing visibility and potential customers. As you do not want this to happen, we leave some recommendations to get started in the world of social networks successfully.

Social networks grant us recommendations from actual experiences from other users, both known and unknown. For that reason, restaurant, You should consider them as a suitable channel for new diners discover your establishment.


Notice! Networks require constant attention and extensive knowledge. Since not all fit profiles restaurants all, we will have to study our public property and to identify those in which are before we launch into them.

Update your profile with relevant information about your restaurant

All social networks have a biography section. Take advantage of these spaces is essential to give the most relevant information about your restaurant (American food, specialty meats ...). The most important data you should include son:

  • Kind of food
  • Timetable
  • Address
  • Telephone contact
  • Website

There is nothing worse than wanting to book an establishment and not find the necessary information or that this is outdated. Normally we live in a hurry and the whole machine, so that the information must be up to date and easily accessible.

Images are the new language of communication

Images are essential for business communication. The photographs are a very important boost to capture the attention of users, and so through them we show our kindness: dishes, the restaurant, the kitchen, our team. Better not let us go a blurred photo with mobile and publish. Let us know through images and, for that reason, these They must be of quality.

We have to work every detail to offer the best possible image. You have to be careful as, like a blurred picture is not worth, a professional studio is not recommended. It is necessary to convey confidence, credibility and closeness. We do not want people to think that there trick and the food is "made up".

Once we have the perfect photo, We post it on our social networks. Instagram is king when it comes to upload photos related to the culinary world, either of our plates or facilities. Remember, We are not selling anything, We try to love the user, you feel the need to follow and, Finally, come and try our dishes.

When it comes to food it is advisable not to use the famous filters and we want to convey naturalness. Natural light, outdoor spaces and composition of planes with ingredients and utensils provide an extra image quality. Little tricks that will help you generate likes and followers.

Another essential part of the process are the hashtags and so, We will draw a careful and above all consistent strategy in this regard. Photos must always carry these identifiers, They are acting as bond to help find our content.

Listen to customers in social networks

In finding the best possible experience for our customers, It will help a lot the attention we devote to all people mention us in social networks. Some will be critical that we learn from, in any case, it is necessary to answer and solve problems that may be occurring.

Immediacy is essential. If we have a digital channel open communication is necessary to serve you and care, so we can not let pass more than an hour to answer a customer. further, and although more costly, we must avoid preconceived answers, because it does not solve anything. The customer has to see that there is a person behind, willing to help and found near him, offering all the care you need.

Campaigns with celebrities “influencers”

The influencers are now one of the biggest stars of digital marketing. As everything in this life, has its good side and its bad side. For a business like restaurants can be very interesting to have certain influencers to help the brand better known and to acquire greater social relevance.

The audience that has this kind of personalities that our restaurant will be promoted in a massive way and through a highly influential channel among his thousands of followers. Nevertheless, you need to have some clear issues before starting a campaign of this type:

  • You really need a influencer?

The influencers are fashionable, but have many followers does not mean that all businesses need them. You have to study well target and see if they fit in this world, if it matches the character of any relevant digital level.

  • What kind of influencer need?

There are different types. There are dedicated to lifestyle, I publish content primarily fashion and lifestyle, others are specialists in travel or food, etc. You must find the right, that is capable of help with its action in social networks more people get to know you. For example, in the case of restaurants, There influencers foodies who are devoted to discovering new places and dining experiences.

The best, if indeed you planning a strategy of influencers, It is that you contact a specialized agency. Boys Influencity are some cracks in this, and platform SocialPubli It is very simple and intuitive. In either of these two options you'll find help to start using the influencers.

Nurses presence in specialized portals

So far we have talked about the "generalist" social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…) but there are some platforms that are specific to the sector of hotels and restaurants.

portals like TripAdvisor They are key for business, since they have much influence on online reputation acquired by a restaurant from the opinions that users make our establishment.

As in other social networks, we must take good care what people say about us. If a customer experience has not been good, for any reason be, must be answered and face to try to resolve the problem.

Definitely, social networks are an amazing communication channel, able to help us achieve our sales goals. You can get many interesting things but we must always be careful and knowing that the online image of a business can be destroyed with a simple tweet, or mismanagement of a negative review.

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