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You get discounts at the restaurant in exchange for your children behave well


The controversy over the attendance of children to certain types of restaurants has always existed, with many opposing opinions among those who maintain that in certain restaurants should ban the entry of children from many parents who think the opposite.

But it seems that this is a possible solution to this conflict, as you can see in the picture below:

Children who behave well get discounts at restaurants

This is the ticket who shared the mother of a one year old girl in red social Reddit, in which he showed his surprise at having obtained a discount of 5$, thus rewarding the restaurant good behavior of his daughter.

It is a small Japanese restaurant, from 35 diners, in Calgary (Canada) called Cute Japanese Bistro, which has found a very educational and cost-effective solution for families, and also it promotes good atmosphere with other diners Restaurant.

The owner said that this idea came almost a year ago as a way to thank the children and parents who enjoy their food and also leave the other diners enjoy.

Although there is also the opposite case, that we can see in the picture below:

Misbehaving children in restaurants

It is a restaurant St. Louis, Friendly Sports Bar & Grill , where apparently the waiter included in the ticket an assessment of the misbehavior that had children.

This is a controversial issue where opinions are usually very opposite, but what do you think the initiative of restaurants in Canada rewarding good behavior?Do you think you can be a solution?

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