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Convert restaurants in coworking spaces, another business model that grows in the United States


Article sponsored by MissTipsiOne of the great challenges restaurants face in their daily management It is time optimization in relation to the number of diners. They are businesses that trigger influx in very specific hours and the day remain closed or minimal activity.

It's funny because If we stop to analyze the productive hours of a restaurant we can see that these much of the day are closed or without diners.

If we do a quick calculation of this percentage and relate to the hours of activity of a normal day, which could be from 8:00h in the morning until 00:00h night, 16 hours total, and as an example we take a casual style restaurant food in two shifts, the food (14:00h at 16:00h) and dinner (21:00 to 23:00h), we would be open around nine hours a day, which is little more than 50% of total active hours, but only a 25% of that time it is devoted to business profitability.

On the other hand, we note that the new trends in the labor market lead us increasingly personalized schedules, as well as to work or hold meetings in unconventional spaces. It is not strange to see people “mounted his office” in cafes, hotels or restaurants.

It seems that all this was what inspired Preston Sands, an entrepreneur whose aim is none other than offer an alternative to the time when restaurants or cafes are empty high-level turning them into coworking spaces, only in daylight hours unprofitable.

The project in question is called Spacius and began operations in December last year in New York City, apparently with short-term plans to create new spaces in San Francisco, Los Angeles and London. The idea behind the project is offer the possibility of getting a much cheaper rent than traditional coworking spaces, in New York City hover around the middle 550$ monthly.

By 95$ a month have a space in a restaurant or cafe design with a range of additional services you can use during the hours the restaurant is open for service users but not for the public. The restaurants have signed a collaboration agreement with this platform and spread the benefits they get.

The operation is as follows; once the customer arrives at the restaurant has an iPad which includes your phone number and reports if you receive a visit to Restaurant staff can welcome the guest and accompany him to the place of the customer. From that moment a free site is chosen at the restaurant and It has access to Wi-Fi, café, free refreshments and a snack, may enter and leave the time as it deems.

An hour before the end of the day you receive a message on your mobile notifying you of the remaining time spent in the local and once passed will open to the public, thereafter you can stay in the restaurant as a client sample the menu of the day, that if a special price, or leave and the next day start another workday.

If you want to get a unlimited access for a month the price is 95$, if only for a day it is 29$, guests have an hour with all free and the rest of hours 6$ additional.

In addition restaurants belonging to the platform are required to make work compatible music to help customers focus and mitigate the sound of calls or phone conversations. It also offers the possibility that those who need a meeting room can be rented by the hour private dining restaurant.

even some They offer an extra service lockers so that the customer can keep your personal or professional objects and not have to be taking them and bringing them every day.

It is estimated that in neighborhoods like Manhattan and Brooklyn City New York more than 2.000 restaurants that could perfectly fit this model of business, thinking that many of them open exclusively from 18:00h in the afternoon until 00:00h night and could offer this service during the morning and noon.

The ultimate goal is to work a different and productive environment, where to maintain or hold meetings and have exclusive services for you and your guests.

But Spacius is not the only case in the United States, Another example is CoworkCafe which opened in Virginia and an Special zone for coworking that 150$ per month members have access to this exclusive space with Wi-Fi high speed and a credit meal 50$. They also have day passes by 20$, but they do not include food.

His founder, David James, says his Major customers include writers, software developers or marketing consultants and says that “have a place that is comfortable and relaxed is good for this kind of creative work or for those who do not want to be in a traditional office environment.”

By last, if we leave US, we find a similar model in the French city of Toulouse, a project called FrenchWork and according to its creator Introvigne yourself You can contribute up to € 2,000 extra per month to restaurants associated. In France there are more than two million nomadic workers, self-employed or small businesses that may require this type of space.

It seems certain that depending on the country, customs and different timetables the model may have more or less likely to succeed, but no one can doubt is that technology and this constant process of innovation in the sector again provide new opportunities for restaurants.

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