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Grow my own restaurants to avoid paying commissions credit cards


Entire business world has its eyes on success stories Starbucks, Kohl’s Y Walmart. These three brands might have marked the path of revolution in payment methods.

The secret that causes such a stir is in the apps Loyalty programs of these three companies. They are directly integrated payment tool itself is not subject to surcharges by banks.

Although in Spain this problem is quite unknown, well Royal Decree Law 8/2015 prohibits the use of fees for credit card payment; in EE. UU., where this practice is not regulated in favor of consumers, but of banks, commercial businesses contribute 90 000 million dollars at the rate of these overruns. So, beyond the seas, It is no trivial matter.

Traditionally customers have felt reluctant to adopt digital payments through unusual platforms. For anyone who has lived through the revolution caused PayPal in his day, Clearly it changes always faces frictionally, friction, opposition ... I was not going to be different in this case.

But with the lessons well learned, Starbucks and two retailers are trying to stimulate the adoption of own payment platforms through intelligent discounts. In the end what you have is a innovative hybrid between loyalty program and app payment.

This combo seems to be much more interesting for the regular clientele of these establishments. So much so that, according to a survey by the National Federation of Commerce EE. UU., half of the businesses have their own virtual purses or are thinking of incorporating.

The landscape has changed.

According says Beth Costa, partner consulting and banking transactions for businesses Oliver Wyman’s, for Bloomberg "in the past, payments were seen as a necessary evil and a cost associated with the business'. What has changed? What is the mentality of the restorer or seller today? Beth continues and shows us his perspective: "Today, traders see payments as a strategic value».

And is that all applications big data or macro data that are being seen in the world of commerce in general, and restoration in particular, in the last times, have more information on payments is paramount, it allows to value the database more efficiently establishment.

Apps mobile payment based on the ACH

The app payment own like Starbucks are not unique to this great company, but they have one of the models developed.

For four decades there in the United States a banking network that allows transactions without having to succumb to abusive rates Visa Y Mastercard (“the two villains in history”). Although this network, known as Automatic Clearing House, They are made movements worth more than 50 billions of dollars, the reality is that usability of the apps Modern payment is far superior to a system almost apolillado.

Nevertheless, What if the processes needed to validate a movement in the Automatic Clearing House is run programmatically through an application?

This is exactly what is making the chain of food stores on the East Coast, Cumberland Farms. There, consumers can save substantial amounts of money just for signing up for your software payment, SmartPay. This application only has a role, serve as a bridge between the bank account of the buyer and seller. In supermarkets and franchise transactions it is worth 100 million thus.

Charles Jarrett confesses, head of communications chain, for them it was a decision "really promoted for financial reasons given transaction fees for credit cards. It does not have the slightest economic sense to pay these transaction fees in the sector grocers'. We can conclude that if it does in the sector food sales, least in the sector will restore, where profit margins are even lower.

Why restaurateurs are quick to want to benefit from the programs offered from ACH. For this count with the help of specialized equipment, as the company Buy It Mobility Networks. The company is not alone in this niche market, it increasingly hottest names come together as Chargebee, MyCheck, Ontray and many others. proliferate start-ups dedicated to this task in parallel to increase interest generated by mobile payment solutions.

However, the use of the ACH is not without commissions. ACH has cost overruns, but they come in the form of flat rate among 25 and the 75 cents. The actual value depends on the individual negotiations when joining the system. And the higher the service provider that enables mobile payments on site, these rates will be lower.

Not for nothing more of 200 restaurants in the country use the services of the company Boston LevelUp to reduce their commissions when using mobile payments, the company boasts one of the largest business volume in the sector. According to the words of executive director, Seth Priebatsch, are responsible for "help restaurants reduce transaction costs as much as humanly possible".

Whatever minimize the impact of fees for use of credit card.

In fact, in the case of Starbucks that has generated so much attention, the app payment of famous cafeteria He has not left obsolete credit cards. These are safe to use at the point of sale, and if it imperative to do so through the mobile application, he software dissuades the user to make payment directly with the Visa or Mastercard, instead invites consumers to deposit funds in a prepaid card. In this way you can be transferred 100 dollars to the card and use them in drinks throughout the fortnight by reducing the number of committees to, the derivative acquisition of the prepaid card. And who says 100, dice 10 O 1000. The amount is not important in this case.

It should be noted that he 14% transactions coffee chain is realized through the app payment the.

Remains to be seen whether this trend will continue upward or whether it is a fad. Many technology consultants dedicated to the world of restoration betting that mobile payments will one of the innovations most welcome during 2019.

in EE. THE. and other countries where fees for credit card payments are at the agenda, We are convinced that will happen. Who would say no to a juicy profit margin increased?

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