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Painting with coffee: the latest in art


unknown artists so far have become fashionable canvases made primarily of caffeine: versions of famous paintings, movie characters or realistic portraits are his most outstanding works.

Coffee has different meanings depending on the person: some associate it with a moment of rest, Tranquil and share stories; others need as an engine to start or continue your day and there is a third group which is a real pleasure to have a drink so delicious cup in his hands. As well, the latter are the faithful coffee lovers; those who once were inspired and were painting their best picture when suddenly a drop of caffeine spilled his work. After the initial chaos, soon they realized that that too was art. And the good!

One of its biggest-and best- exponents is Mary A. Aristidou, who used to paint having a cup of strong coffee close; after several inopportune spots Aristidou did not hesitate to change traditional watercolors by a good dose of caffeine. This is how the Cypriot settled in the UK began an adventure that now shares with us all through its Facebook e Instagram. Although only working with this drink a few months, and it has managed to fascinate thousands of people through animal illustrations, still lifes and, especially, known film and television characters: Yoda, Darth Vader, Mario Bros, Mickey Mouse, the little Mermaid, Game of Thrones Daenerys -of- Davy Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean -of.

In their social networks we can also see portraits made with coffee intellectuals like Einstein or musical geniuses like The Beatles. To produce these works of art is just enough of a watercolor paper, Water, -some five different blends of coffee and other lighter shade darker- and a brush.

It is the latter which uses bártulo, Once the canvas is stained with coffee, to draw on it everything that pops to mind and supposed to capture what she likes best: series that has grown, people you admire, etc.

Another artist who has conquered with his paintings and his innovative techniques not only to the art world but the general public has been Red Hong Yi. Born in Malaysia ago 29 years, It is known worldwide for use cups of coffee or basketballs as substitutes for traditional brush. His best known work is perhaps this, in portraying the Taiwanese musician Jay Chou. To do so only he needed a cup of coffee and a plate, because as seen in the video superimposing stains will ring shaped leaving the container to form the image to. 12 working hours nothing more and nothing less.

Accidentally spilled coffee on a sheet of paper has also been the source of inspiration for the German designer and editor Stefan Kuhnigk. After seeing the way he had taken that spot decided to take a pen and paint a little monster on it.

Since this creation, which was the first- to the present, You can boast of bringing in their portfolios over 480 coffeemonsters; all while maintaining its initial essence intact, since the only difference is in the role: Now it is of higher quality. Kuhnigk does not arise unleash your imagination, because for him it is a practice “it never gets boring because no stain is equal”.

In Elland is another of the artists who have left us speechless with their pictures made just coffee. This American began painting with colored pencils and watercolors, but soon he decided to experiment --rightly- this drink and use as ink. These 14 years creating great caffeine-based works will be remembered for customization famous paintings, in Eland's obsession for coffee it is evident. Two examples are the portrayal of Girl with a Pearl Earring holding a cup of your favorite liquid or this painting by Michelangelo in which Adam serves coffee to its creator.

But restlessness and conformism of Karen Eland has led her to use other beverages to make their works. Including beer has triumphed. Yes, Beer! The technique used for painting is very simple: pours some juice of barley, wet brush and start creating. While it is true that one must be careful, because if water disappears beer.

Ludmila Zhizhenko It has also taken a small step, or perhaps a stride in the making. And is that his paintings are not made beer or coffee; not even resembles a drink, but rather a highly pollutant. It is oil. Yes, Petroleum! When we thought we had seen everything this Russian appears to show how beautiful it can be a oil painted canvas, for they are without any doubt and elegant works with a retro air. With their work, Zhizhenko intends to call on the oil industries place to make them aware of the problem of a spill of this fuel for flora and fauna.

After halfway around the world with Aristidou, Hong Yi, Eland Kuhnigk and we finally reached our country. What do you think that a Spanish can be used as ink for their creations? Nothing more and nothing less than the dregs of wine. Abel Barandela, native of Ourense and Pontevedra resident, he was fascinated to see the result of a stain of spilled wine on a paper tablecloth. He knew that this had to implement it and make it their hallmark. This has been, achieving national and international recognition, of friends and strangers with paintings whose protagonist old rural Galicia.

as we see, it is possible to wonderful works of art using almost any liquid; the only requirement is that it be, obviously, durable. What do you think it could work as well as coffee, Beer, wine or oil?

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