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What is the dress code to work in hospitality?


Imagine that you are going to open a bank account and you count with two options for different entities: en el primer banco os atienden en bermudas, shirt and flip-flops, while in the second they do with jacket and tie. A level playing field (commissions, service charges…), Which of the two confiaríais to deposit your money?

Traslademos este ejemplo ficticio a uno de los main sectors that require direct customer: the restaurants. Situating in the same starting point, the clothes or not to carry and based on established minimum hygiene, entramos en el debate de how far is free the worker de mostrar su estilo or what is the limit to body custom, tattoos or piercings.

This issue is increasingly controversial, especially in those premises where it is not specifically required uniform. Equally, It is increasing discussion whether it is what kind of piercings or tattoos, in which body parts can be displayed or what would be the maximum sizes of these add-ons that se permiten para consider a suitable candidate for the position or not.

Starbucks dress policy

Recently, ha sido noticia la nueva política de vestimenta de Starbucks. First, we must bear in mind that this chain establishments whose only part of the official uniform, the now famous green apron and, because, impositions come from what clothes waiters can wear under that apron.

In this line, HE “invites” a los empleados a que keep your personal touch aunque limitados, among others, by neutral colors dress, la permisividad de ciertos modelos de sombreros entre los que no se incluye la clásica gorra de béisbol hacia atrás, hoodies or wear hair dyed an overly bright color like pink or neon.

In sum, These companies claim that employees give a neat and professional image de cara al público, requiring them to wear clean clothes, in good condition and wrinkle, but what, both, allow them to be themselves and perform as individuals through their external appearance.

Rights and duties of the wearer uniform

The truth is in our country guidelines are followed depending on the sector and employment: nobody is surprised that the security forces dressed in uniform and, in the same way, las empresas de servicios suelen standardize their employees exigiéndoles cierto decoro cuando estén en horas laborales y, so, wearing the brand that employs them.

Lo difícil es dilucidar hasta dónde puede la empresa exigir que sus empleados que sigan unas ciertas normas and if these are resolved with the bonus that is usually assigned as a salary supplement.

It is also common in certain professions, those which give a service, se exija una forma de vestir concreta. No es extraño ver que un comercial acuda a su trabajo con chaqueta y corbata, as it happens in the world of consulting and offices, more when charges are higher.

In these cases, aunque no se especifica en el contrato, the employee knows that this way of dressing goes with the job Y, so good fashion in recent years is allowing more outfits “relaxed”, no es menos cierto que cuando llega un día importante todos visten con traje de negocios. He casual day It is reserved for the last week, on Friday, día en el que se admite que los estresados ejecutivos se quiten la corbata y puedan acudir a la oficina en vaqueros y camisa.

El problema viene cuando las exigencias de vestuario para los trabajadores exceden lo que se podría considerar decoroso o cuando estas se convierten en denigrantes para el trabajador, forcing him to wear certain clothes or certain way.

This is common in the world of hospitality, in which, in many cases, se exige a camareras que vistan con faldas cortas o que exhiban escotes generosos para atraer a la clientela, y esto es algo que You can see from the ads themselves where such positions are offered. There are few cases where offers are requested conditions that border on illegality, released by the media.

the recent premio Nobel de Literatura, Bob Dylan, that sang that “the times they Are a changing” Y, Fortunately, This change is also coming to the dress at work.

Increasingly qualities are valued and preparing workers, something that is above the “bundle” clothing that hides. In fact, ya no se exige que ellas vayan maquilladas, or they-fitting the best Italian shoes; now it encourages workers to go comfortable, because they are aware that, in this way, creativity and productivity is encouraged.

What is the dress code to work in hospitality?
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  1. Un tema que también hay que tener en cuenta es el perfume que se ponen los camareros que en ocasiones es demasiado fuerte. Eso perjudica, In my opinion, al olor del plato, dei vino, etc…

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      Jose Berenguer on

      Hola Vicente. Gracias por dejar tu comentario en este post. The truth, es que no puedes tener más razón. Si bien este contenido se centra mucho en la imagen del trabajador, es cierto que el perfume u olor tanto de los camareros, como de la propia sala es un componente muy importante para la experiencia gastronómica. No puedo estar más de acuerdo con tu comentario. Gracias por seguirnos!

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