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What is the best time for a restaurant publish on Instagram?


This is a question I repeatedly made by those attending the various courses or seminars that I teach throughout Spain. There is a huge concern to know which are the best times for a restaurant to share your photos on Instagram.

With this article I would like to shed some light on this subject, although advance that there is no single, definitive answer, It depends on each restaurant and of the digital relationship it has with its community.

What seems no one doubts it is that Instagram is one of the most relevant social networks for the restaurant industry. Both from the side of the hoteliers themselves that are becoming his photo diary, as on the side of hundreds of thousands of users or foodies who populate this digital channel and owned by a exhibitionism that seems to have no limits share each of its gastronomic delights, even taking him to professional theme as we had in article “Mom, I want to be Instagramer”.

Instagram is growing, recent quarters as demonstrated with an acceleration in this growth outperforms any other social network, including Twitter and Facebook, percentage is comparable only to the boom you are having Snapchat, as you can be seen in the chart below

The Instagram restaurants are finding the perfect communication channel with customers, based primarily on sharing pictures everyday of your establishment. While certainly generate the most interaction are related to the products or dishes Restaurant, sauteed with a little text and hashtags as #foodporn or #Instafood.

At this point, An important fact to generate the greatest possible interaction or conversation with our users through Instagram is know those times when our community is more active and thus improve the digital impact of our publications.

To do this I will lean on A study made by the American company NapoleonCat on 6.621 published by restaurants throughout the year messages 2015 with the aim to detect those moments that have generated greater interactivity with users, either through me like you, comments or “send to”.

In the next chart you can see the results of that study:

Best times to run a restaurant in Instragram

It seems clear that slots are given greater interaction with the three main gastronomic moments of the day, that is to say, breakfast, food, and the dinner although depending on the customs of each country these times may vary.

Specific, in United States, the hours of greater interaction with users restaurants are 9:00 in the morning, between the 12:00 and the 13:00 noon, and the 20:00 pm.

But What is surprising is that as shown in the gray bars in Figure the largest number of photographs published by the restaurants are of 10:00 to 11:00 in the morning, then during the day it decreased in an important way.

Therefore, and based on these data, it seems clear that most restaurants are directly manage their profiles and share photos on Instagram at the time of lower activity in the establishments, which would justify the increase in content hours as 10:00 waves 11:00 in the morning, including 17:00 pm. They are hours “fences” day in most restaurants.

It also seems clear that if we increase interaction with our users We should take advantage of those hot hours, At breakfast, lunch and dinner to publish our content, as we ensure greater audience and digital interaction with it.

But on the other hand, We must not forget that If everyone uses the same slots on the same theme, It is very likely that sooner rather than later occurs one saturation content in those hours and harder to be relevant, which would generate an alternative strategy that could also be optimal, sharing our content in those hours that were not major for a simple way to increase our digital impact.

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  1. Hi Diego, to us in Spain lunch and dinner later that the United States these hours vary. In my case, publish as early does not have the same positive effect. regards

    • indeed Daniela, The study is conducted in USA, therefore we must adapt to the hours of each country, What seems clear is that the digital impact is increased if it coincides with the next times to different gastronomic moments of the day. Thanks for your comment.

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