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When being a leader is an opportunity


Continuing my recent publications in this journal I would like to give a final view on what for me means and implies the word leadership, and this time, I would like to analyze it from the base, from the leader, the person who leads a team.

thus ended my previous article, with a reflection of Stephen Covey I'd go back to recover as the basis for this: "You can buy the work of one person, but you can not buy your heart. In the heart is their loyalty and enthusiasm. Heart and talent give it to whom they choose. Being a leader is an opportunity ".

And the reality is that not everyone takes this opportunity, It is easy to fall into the old leadership characterized by the imposition of authority and order, with excessive control and a constant threat with the sanction. But the time, which it is certainly wise, It has been shown that this leadership It is not valid for good management and especially for good maintenance of equipment.

Knowing addressed to oneself is essential to being a good leader, and by that I mean not knowing sending or threatening, but to develop a management process with oneself, with its business goals and his team.

How to work in order to become a leader?

First, we must have well defined the following steps:

  1. identifies the weak points to make them disappear
  2. identifies the strengths
  3. Openly acknowledge your Work style
  4. assumes responsibilities
  5. Learn to delegate
  6. Sets goals, objectives, action plans and strategies

Secondly, the main responsibility of a leader is to get all the team members give the best of themselves. Aims to multiply the performance capabilities of your team to reach the EXCELLENCE.

Every year we can not fail to specify the objectives and actions to be taken to achieve them and choose the strategies and resources needed to achieve them. Do not stop thinking big, but I am honest and objective.Linkedin

In third place, sector The main functions of a good leader:

1.- To plan

with planning, like Napoleon Bonaparte said "there is no distance that you can not walk or goal can not be reached". Every year we can not stop specify the objectives and actions to be taken to achieve them and choose the strategies and resources needed to achieve them. Do not stop thinking big, but I am honest and objective.

2.- Organize

"Teamwork divides the work and multiply the results". Surround yourself with good people, While specific roles and responsibilities. For good results It is essential organize and coordinate HR. A team with the best of attitudes you can achieve goals that could individually or dream.

3.- lead

Do not forget that to lead you to be your best teacher, you have to master the following aspects:

  • Encourage
  • Guide
  • Train and train
  • To motivate
  • To communicate
  • unite
  • Delegate

4.- Control

Never leave your computer alone, They have to know you're there, but not in the strict meaning of the word. Your team needs to know you are on track, that their efforts and their work will contribute to achieve the objectives. Their success is your success.

A good leader has in his statements to his team, the inspires confidence, corrected, He teaches and adapts to changes.

When you are in training we can read hundreds of theories of leadership and good advice which certainly will help us make a better management of our asset, our team, However we must remember a fundamental principle applicable to all aspects of our life and our daily lives both personally and professionally by becoming "Best examples".

Get select your team the best of their attitudes along with your commitment to your project and certainly, You can confirm that you are on the right track.

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