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As to tip in restaurants


There are some habits in restaurants that are old unwritten customs but generation after generation, one way or another, They are still maintained.

One of these is the tip, the voluntary act that makes some customers more money must deliver price to pay in restaurants.

Tip in restaurants

According to him Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, and the first sense, as defined tip:

Agasajo that on the agreed price and as a sign of satisfaction is given for some service.”

In Spain it is also called “world” since money is usually collected in a vessel of this type, and even in some bars do ring a bell or some special sound to draw attention to that fact and as a warning to other customers and even staff.

Tip has been reduced from a very important way in Spain motivated by economic crisis, although this aspect is always nuanced and often depends on the type of restaurant, customer type and type of service.

In addition since some years, in many countries and restaurants medium-high, It is used a parallel concept to tip, charging on the ticket or final tally an added service charge diner table, pan, appetizer,etc., many customers replaced by the payment of gratuity, but we must clarify that this issue has always caused some discrepancies in the relationship between the customer and the restaurant.

It is quite common in staff restaurants, mainly in the servers and in those restaurants located in tourist areas, that can predict fairly accurately the amount of the tip depending on the nationality of the customer, since the customs in each country in this regard are well established.

In most it is a voluntary act by the client restaurant who decides freely whether to leave a tip or not, although in other, and the United States is mandatory and there is even the case of those countries is banned as China.

A few days ago I found on the Internet, In the portal infobae.com, an interesting infographic I want to share with you all the different tips where specified “accepted” in several countries.

In the post table image you can see the variations in the amounts of tips depending on the country.

U.S15%-20%Although it not specified by law, tip is considered mandatory. Some restaurants detailing the percentage in the account.
Mexico10%-15%It is usually left this tip percentage before tax includes the value added 16%.
Venezuela5%-10%It is recommended, but it is not mandatory to tip. Most restaurants charge table service per person.
Brazil10%While it is voluntary, usually add the gratuity to the bill under the concept of “service”.
Peru10%-20%This percentage is usually left for waiters. A 10% Menu is calculated for the kitchen staff, box and administrative.
Chile10%Tip appeared on the bill as mandatory, but not anymore. Nevertheless, some restaurants keep that habit.
Argentina10%It is recommended, but it is not mandatory to tip. Most restaurants charge table service per person.
Spain5%The crisis lowered the level of gratuity for local. Madrid service charge table 2.5 € average for the bread basket or snack.
France2%-3%It is rare to leave a bigger tip. But there is a “service included” of the 15% in the account, which is divided among the servers.
United Kingdom10%This percentage is granted if the service was very good. Some restaurants already include a “additional service” consider.
Germany5%-10%Tipping is not mandatory, but it is common if you enjoyed the service. No money is left on the table, we must give the waiter.
South Africa10%Tip depends on the level of service. Some restaurants charge an additional fee for bookings over 10 people.
Egypt5%-10%In most restaurants is a sum that is added to an already included in the bill. Dollars are valued.
Israel10%It is considered as the standard gratuity. If the service is excellent, You can leave a 15% the total bill.
Arab Emirates15%-20%Tipping is similar to the US. In the seven-star restaurants usually gratify the waiter 50$ a 100$ for superior service.
China0%It is not well seen to tip, even in restaurants and five star tourist-oriented.
Hong Kong10%-15%It is recommended if the percentage is not detailed account. Tipping is expected remuneration.
Singapore0%Local custom indicates that it is impolite to tip, but opening up to tourism is changing the trend.

If you know the type of tip of any other country that is not listed, send it to me in a comment and included.

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  1. I think there was a time when workers were quite underpaid in bars and restaurants, however since collective agreements and the great rise in valuation of hospitality in the vision of people it seems wrong to tip. I work in the service sector, specifically advice. I treat people wonder, even if necessary so that you have them outside my working hours or giving advice bar, ie having coffee and therefore not billable. For in my more than 20 years of practice I have never tipped. I can not imagine that the same people who will buy from a car to a refrigerator and asks discounts, Then go every weekend to the hotel and leave gratuity. I think tipping is back and word of mouth. And if the worker is good and does good job in the company will retire but will not tip and if it is bad and it does not end up in the dole queue without tip obviously.

    • Thank you for your comment Antonio, in the United States it is one of tipping seems that the system begins to change, and in recent months some major franchises are considering implementing the European system where the variable part of the tip disappears almost entirely. It is a subject that brings conflicting views and all with partly right.

    • You have absolutely right. I work in the service sector and I leave the skin with each customer and no one has ever left me tip. It's more, when they once I have tried adamantly rejected. I do not consider there to reward workers for work well, what less. He would like you say you punish those who do wrong with dismissal and of course keep working well, as in other trades are going.

      If it is a sector in which it takes little should claim their rights and demand them not customer. I always refuse to tip and often have reprimanded me, but those same people would never consider leaving a tip in my business, just because it's not a restaurant.

      Similarly I do not understand the custom of the country to add a premium for table service (unless you get the option to serve yourself as an alternative). They should put the prices of their dishes considering that the same can cover all expenses restaurant, including adequate salary for staff.

      Another thing I do not see anything well is offer you things you do not ask and collectability because you ate. Such as bread or some snacks with drink. If you put me without you ask what I assume is a gift, but nevertheless realized then I find the surprise. I'd rather pay more for dishes and apportioning those costs, or check its pricing in the letter and I will decide from the start if I want to eat or not, but nothing surprises or demands with the account.

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