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Four stories of personal achievement of chefs with Down syndrome restaurants


The kitchen, understood as an art, It helps people to express themselves and facilitates communication. Those with an intellectual disability can be found in this activity a simple and intimate way to express what they feel. The boundaries cease to exist when we overcome our fears and insecurities.

We show you some examples of how children with Down syndrome overcome prejudices and barriers, Y They found in the kitchen activity with which feel fulfilled. Demonstrate their talents every day, with each dish conceived with effort and joy. If you have the opportunity to have them for that special meal with friends or family or, it's more, if you have the opportunity, It has them for your business, the talent, the effort and dedication are insured.

Examples of cooks with Down syndrome

Laura, the chef with Down syndrome

Laura Basilio dos Reis Sant'Ana is a girl with Down syndrome who with his determination and willpower, attached to the support of his family and many doses of affection has prepared a delicious recipe as a volunteer chef in the Embrace of Peace, Group 21 and the Chefs Special Institute.

Laura graduated in Gastronomy by HOTEC, the Faculty of Technology in Hospitality, Gastronomy and Tourism Sao Paulo. His father that grew up surrounded by piles of books and handed him the value of study and encouraged him to study, so he grew up relying on training and in the absence of limits. “I can say that today continues to gain the many barriers that society imposes yet”, He concludes his father.

His example and achievements made to be invited Laura to tell their success story Womenalia Inspiration, social project that promotes lectures and training on leadership and motivation. “It was wonderful to share my life experience with all those people, talking about my dedication to studies, of willpower and resilience, because with wisdom and determination can achieve dreams. It was also important to me because I talked about inclusion and not to look at others with prejudice, It has to do with the heart because being different is normal”, says Laura.

The chef also has another project, the launch of a book with a selection of dishes and processing. When he asked for his recipe for success for a happy life, Laura adds: “My recipe is peace, the perseverance, faith and love unique and strong. My message is that Down syndrome did not stop me, because I have something bigger is the effort and love. Love is the great energy of the universe. Just believe and act”.

Oscar, responsible for breakfasts and lunches in TAMIU

Oscar Dominguez, has 26 years and he earned his chef certificate at Laredo Community College and currently she works as a manager at breakfast and snacks International University of Texas A&M (TAMIU). His specialty is the “crushed egg”.

Oscar has trisomy on chromosome 21, that is to say, Down syndrome. He likes to go out, buy clothes, walk with her friends and public speaking, hobby while enjoying want it to be more common: “to make me famous”, dice.

During a conference to inaugurate the network of committed Families with Inclusion, dozens of parents and young people put attention to how Oscar overcame his limitations through therapy to mature senses that led during the first 18 years of his life.

Susana, Oscar's mother, He explained that their therapies are based on the philosophy of the American physician Glenn Doman, who claimed that traditional treatments for children with intellectual disabilities treated only physical symptoms, but not the disease based on the mind. From there, the idea of “grow the brain from use” and stimulation of the senses an accepted current turned to treat children with an extra chromosome, such as Oscar.

but Oscar I would not have become TAMIU cook without the inclusion took the young in society for which he learned to cope. His parents understood that to limit it to special deals or accept preferential treatment in different places would be incongruous to the effort made daily because imitate, unwittingly, a pattern of behavior different from the rest of the young.

The boy with Down syndrome who created the happiest restaurant in the world

In Tim’s Place breakfast available, lunch and hugs. Yes, Hugs, and even have a counter these. here we are the inspiring story of a boy with Down syndrome who decided not to put barriers in his life and has managed to fulfill his dream: have its own restaurant. Its secret is the boundless optimism and endless passion she brings to everything he does.

Tim routine is simple but unusual, He wakes up at 5.30 morning, showering, It prepares to go outside and walk to work. So far it would seem a story either, the difference is that at the entrance of the restaurant makes every morning a dance called “magical” and it is only a test more than passionate about their work. Tim has Down syndrome and also a restaurant and it shows that the best way to achieve a dream is not escape the words “I can not”.

“Tim's Place is a special place to be”, this is how Tim Harris defines his restaurant, a space that has already been around the world as an example of overcoming, where hugs are on the menu: “They are much more powerful than the food; the food is just food”, Tim account.

The idea of ​​this young man was having a restaurant where people could feel better not only through food. And we can conclude that what has been achieved. “Sometimes someone comes to my restaurant feeling bad, so I give them a hug and feel better”. Tim's Place is a counter hugs, in July 2014, He had 42.730 squeezes. If you want to brighten up your stomach and spirit, go to Tim's Place in Albuquerque, U.S.

Tim's story continues to fill with joy, although customers assume a small chasco, Tim's Place closes its doors because Tim moved to Denver. The reason? Love, Tim is in love with Tiffani and moves to Denver where the happy couple plan to marry. There is still a glimmer of hope, Tim It is recognized that plans to open a restaurant in their new home. “When I look into your eyes I see love, I see joy and see that I have a future here (Denver)”, Tim dice. We will continue in his footsteps wherever you go, overcoming, his brave spirit and energy they deserve.

Adam and chocolate truffles

“Freshly made to be eaten quickly”, Adam describes his business DeBacker black chocolate truffles made by him in Springfield, Missouri. Adam DeBacker Is Truffles E Truffles for seven years and longer He has prepared more than 20.000 delicious chocolate pieces, inspired by love, the kitchen and the desire to make people happy.

When Adam DEBACKER had 10 years began preparing chocolate truffles bitter in his kitchen. He is using natural ingredients and preparing delicious chocolate truffles delicate, dipped in white chocolate or coconut breaded. Truffles began to become popular and, so, he realized he could use his success in the kitchen to finance your dream vacation, an African Safari. In just a few years He became a member of the American Culinary Federation (ACF, for its acronym in English). He presented his truffles at national conferences and local food festivals and has become a successful entrepreneur teen. Adam has billed more than 5.000 dollars doing what he loves.

The advice that this chef gives young people who want to start a business is to provide good customer service, Have fun doing it and to choose a product that really would like to work. “You have to love what you do”, concluye DEBACKER. It is clear that continue doing this for a long time, “I have a big company, I want to do many truffles and make many people happy”.

Head Down, share recipes by chefs síndorme Down

Down Spain, in collaboration with Eroski, It has launched the web chefdown.es, the first online cooking channel specifically designed for young people with Down syndrome prepare their own menus. It is a website with videos of recipes which are young people with intellectual disabilities who this apron is put and explain, Step by Step, how to prepare various dishes.

Through these recipes and videos, which are completed with information Easy Reading, people with Down syndrome can learn to cook healthfully, simple and fun. in chefdown.es, young people find everything you need to develop a complete and balanced diet with a menu organized by breakfast, first and second courses, snacks, desserts and food for coeliacs. As it occurs with other autoimmune diseases character, Celiac disease is more common in people with trisomy 21 than in the general population.

One of the aspects that have been carefully the recipe is healthy and appetizing, with the aim that these young people learn that in addition to rich food can be healthy. So users are also allowed to plan their own healthy weekly menu. further, Web invites participation, since cooks can submit their own recipes and share them with the rest of the community.

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