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Countdown TheBestDigitalRestaurants awards


Today finally, We know the winners of TheBestDigitalRestaurants2018 – #TheBestDR18. The day we've been waiting so long, Like all nominees, It has arrived.

This afternoon, starting at 15:30, in the living room 3 Pavilion 3 de IFEMA en ExpoHIP, the international fair on digital transformation in the sector HORECA more important than is done in Spain, It will be held the event in which we meet the winners.

The event was attended by key players in the industry and sector, on his own behalf and brands. Thus, we shall bring together chefs, restaurant managers and CEO of brands at a party hospitality, gastronomy and restaurants from their point of view more digital.

We are looking forward to reaching the 15:30 this afternoon, to leave doubts and know who the best chefs, Digital chains and restaurants in Spain this year.

Nominados a TheBestDigitalRestaurant 2018

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