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D.O.P Sierra de Segura, pioneer in the certification of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Early Collection

  • Designation of Origin only in Spain that has its own back label certifying that the olive harvest has been carried out before 30 November and that comes from green olives or envero
  • The extra virgin olive oil resulting from the early harvest has a darker green for its high chlorophyll content and a more pronounced odor and taste
  • spiciness 100% picual is considered the more stable, higher oleic acid content and antioxidants market

Designation of Origin Sierra de Segura commitment to the quality of its oils reinforcing the concept of aware that olive oil originating from the first olives is increasingly demanded "early harvest" by consumers.

For it, Regulatory Council has pioneered certification Extra Virgin Olive Oil Early Harvest through an own quality label. This label guarantees oils of the highest quality have been produced before 30 November and that comes from green olives or envero.

According Francisco Moreno, Secretary C.R.D.O.P Sierra de Segura: "This practice, The olive fruit gains in sensory complexity and extra virgin olive oil with more greenery and a more intense and fresh fruitiness is guaranteed. "

The peculiarity of this designation is based on an olive grove of high mountains with altitudes of more than 900 meters, floors often formed by the decomposition of the rock exclusive own mother and reach the edge of the reservoir Tranco.

this environment, combined with a rather irregular climate and an average annual rainfall above average in the province of Jaén, results in a unique microclimate. Thus, even producing oils Picual, majority and almost exclusive province of Jaen, It is the area of ​​the Sierra de Segura, in which the specific characteristics of the varietal personality, It is shown in all its glory.

The oils Extra virgin olive oil with Designation of Origin Sierra de Segura are characterized by a greenish-yellow color and fruity aromas prevail varied (apple and tomato, preferably) and fresh herb combined with the bitter and spicy fresh fruit characteristic of the variety picual.

A delicatessen healthy

In addition to its organoleptic characteristics, This olive oil is appreciated for the great benefits of health and make it a "superfood". Extra virgin olive oil with Designation of Origin “Sierra de Segura” It is a healthy fat, a product without additives or preservatives and with a high content of vitamin E and polyphenols, that act as natural antioxidants.

Consumption of a good olive oil prevents cardiovascular diseases, decreases heartburn, regulates intestinal transit, It protects certain organs and improves skin hydration. A healthy pleasure also brings a unique touch to our kitchen.

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