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Water damage, glass breakage and theft, the most frequent accidents in hospitality


Facyre and MAPFRE Foundation presents a guide to help prevent these businesses to identify their risks and protect you from water damage, glass breakage and theft, the most frequent accidents in hospitality.

Restaurants, cafes and bars are the types of businesses that most are secured in Spain. Specific, there is more of 376.098 establishments have some form of insurance protection for your business, usually a multi-risk insurance. But there are other risks that may also threaten business continuity and which are less known, as protection against loss of income due to stoppage of activity.

To increase protection of these establishments, the Federation of Chefs and Confectioners of Spain (FACYRE) and MAPFRE Foundation have developed a guide for protecting Restaurants, Bars and cafes, where the types of risks that are usually enfrenan this business are explained.

Mario Sandoval and Pedro Larumbe, President and Vice President of Facyre, respectively, who participated in the act, They have put the focus on the importance of comprehensive business protection, frequently, It is the main source of income of their owners, especially in smaller establishments. "Survival of the establishment must be guaranteed. They are businesses that require a large initial investment and a long time to recover from the same ", He stressed the President of Facyre.

The presentation also spoke Raul Costilla, Deputy Director General of Trade and Innovation MAPFRE Spain, entity that currently insures one in five catering establishments in Spain. Raul has said Costilla, that based on his experience, it is important to make a full risk map, that includes all aspects and responsibilities of business. "Last year we helped more than 30.000 claims of our customers due to fire, water damage and glass breakage essentially ", He indicated.

Deputy director general business and innovation referred MAPFRE Spain, Besides, RC coverage, "In many cases unknown, but essential "and has hinted that" although they are less frequent, a claim for civil liability to a client or situations like having the business closed after fire, may lead to closure of a business if you do not have adequate insurance protection ".

Facyre and MAPFRE Foundation work for almost two years in joint preventive actions. The SOS campaign Respira, They are participating in more than 5.000 restaurants, It's a good example. This initiative reports on guidelines for action in case Choking and helps local hotel and catering safer against such accidents.

In this line, Mario Sandoval and Pedro Larumbe stressed the importance of training and information to workers, especially when avoid choking, what in 2016 They killed 1.400 Spanish people. They have also been referred to the fact of maintaining order and security on the premises (machinery, extinguishers and alarms, among others) as the first step in avoiding a risk.

You can download the guide for free at: www.fundacionmapfre.org

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