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Data on how customers are using Twitter restaurants


It was held in London Digital Innovation Forum where they have gathered for an entire day experts in the digital area with some of the representatives of major chain restaurants in England.

Special mention to the data provided by the people of Twitter related to trends in the use of this network in restaurants.

Here I leave this video post with my impressions, I hope it interesting:

The most significant data on trends in the use of Twitter in restaurants are the following:

  • 1 each 3 Twitter users follow a Restaurant
  • He 52% Twitter user obtains information from restaurants through this social network
  • He 72% of comments transported by Twitter users are positive Restaurant
  • He 78% of the negative comments that are shared Restaurant they are made from the restaurant itself
  • They are sharing 7 tweets about restaurants for every new review published in Tripadvisor
  • He 52% users find promotions in restaurants more attractive content and 43% He said that for them are the photos of the dishes
  • He 79% He says the rave reviews about the food at the restaurant will positively influence the elections of the same, he 39% He says that what most values ​​are positive opinions about the service.

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