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from the orchard to the table: closeness as a business model for healthy restaurants


One of the biggest concerns for many travelers when undertaking a short break abroad is uncertain encontrar buenos restaurantes en los que comer bien y a un buen precio. Many tourists who do not want to leave to chance this election, and is that when you visit a new country, taste the delights of local food It is a maximum mandatory. And do it in good restaurants is a real headache, especially if the language is unknown or strange in that culture it is.

Fortunately, hoy en día hay muchas formas de Search recommendations, both offline and online que facilitan mucho el poder comer bien cuando estamos de viaje. Thanks to new technologies, in recent years we have added new options to access advice on products and services. Now, both types (advertising, online y offline) compete for public attention, but to ensure a round trip, it is best to draw on all the possibilities within our reach. traveler forewarned is forearmed.

via offline: paper guides and tips

Until a few years ago, las maneras más frecuentes de elegir buenos restaurantes al hacer turismo eran consultation paper guides or word of mouth. Guidebooks have long provided fantastic advice in finding local to eat. Nevertheless, its very nature makes them perishable and very limited, as They can not offer or large lists or varied user reviews.

On the other hand, word of mouth depends on two factors: first, de conocidos que ya hayan visitado el lugar o de recomendaciones específicas de las oficinas de turismo y recepciones de los hoteles. Secondly, Contact with native people: there is nothing more direct than interacting with the people we met on the street.

Take the opportunity to ask the hotel reception for the most popular local foods and where to taste them. You can also ask for the street, yes, procura que no sea en los lugares más turísticos o no darás más que con personas que hacen lo mismo que tú, visit the city, so, no real knowledge that can help.

Via online: bots and mobile apps

A estas prácticas ya podemos sumar otras gracias a los omnipresentes móviles y sus polifacéticas aplicaciones. Since chatbots general reference as Siri (personal assistant iPhone) and others more specific WhereBot (Facebook), to profit dedicated to the score of restaurants around the world.

Automated chats in which our questions are answered by a robot are booming. The world of restoration could not be less and already has bots specific as WhereBot. With this chatbot tourists can consult what local they are about or what kind of food can be found. This works whether Facebook asked for a particular area like we share our current location. The famous Siri iPhone works similarly, you just have to make the right questions and look for the latest information.

Other applications They can not miss on the mobile terminal of any good foodie, or a traveler who does not want to miss a good dining experience abroad, They are those of Minube, TripAdvisor O Yelp!, to give some examples. Others would: Opentable, Wikitude Drive, Urbanspoon O Foursquare. they, the shared experience of users is the base, porque no hay nadie mejor para darte un buen consejo que un turista contento o uno desengañado. Always first-hand information.

In the latter we can not only find information about trendy restaurants, their prices and their letter; After lunch we can share our own opinion, something that future users will appreciate. Either iPhone or Android, do not forget to download and carry some applications such as those mentioned web portals. further, provide access to information on points of interest, maps, festivities, accommodations, excursions, etc.

In summary, revises travel guides, visit specialized weblogs and forums rating, Ask local and takes full advantage of the technology with bots intelligent and travel apps.

We can not end this little compilation tips for finding good restaurants abroad without a final recommendation. One trick that never fails is let go, wander through the streets of the city we are visiting and rely on intuition. Al menos una vez durante la estancia hay que alejarse de los hervideros turísticos y descubrir lugares más apartados.

Far from the tourist bars or restaurants is where you will surely find the real charm of the local food. You know what they say, if it goes well, we can recommend a new place to future travelers, and if it goes wrong, es una anécdota a añadir y de la que reírse cuando relatemos nuestro viaje.

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