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YouTube to stardom: Meet the chef learned to cook success with online tutorials


Who said that shortcuts do not work? Be sure who has not heard the story of the chef Lallalin 'May’ Nahsrbfasl, a young woman who jumped UK the usual way to get into position.

May, and they call their relatives, he opened his first store in Chinatown, specifically in a dingy garage from which attracted the attention not only of local diners, but also distinguished customers that led to stardom.

But what is exceptional in the case of May is that in order to become a successful chef did not attend Arabian cooking classes, or go through the kitchen run by a Michelin chef. No, all he needed was the chef Mahasrabphaisal YouTube, the popular video sharing platform and widely used by chefs and restaurants.

It is well known that in YouTube one can find from the stupidest viral video to true quality content. Well nestled in the latter segment are online tutorials that deal with every conceivable topic.

Need help to solve partial differential equations? YouTube is your ally. Do you want to impress someone playing a song with guitar? YouTube to the rescue. Want to ride a profitable restaurant? Cooking tutorials on YouTube!

Exactly that was how May went from having no idea of ​​cooking to be an ace in the kitchen.

Now remember him as a funny story, just as the location of your local changes, to a more suitable place with the clientele that comes together in the restaurant. The restaurant business was doing well in Chinatown, but it was no place to accommodate figures such as food critic for the The Guardian, Marina O’Loughlin or cocineros televisivos The Hairy Bikers, hosts a plethora of series bearing his name in the title.

Thai cafe Lallalin 'May’ Nahsrbfasl, Siam Smiles, It now moves to Manchester, concretamente al Great Northern Warehouse. The new facility opens with a bittersweet feeling. Despite the good results obtained by the successful chef, constantly rising rents afflicting Chinatown have been responsible, at least in part, the decision to move.

Leave behind the old place with some nostalgia but go ahead more determined than ever.

A culinary adventure that will be brought to the small screen

It helps to have some good news too. Recently it has been known that YouTube, as a dependent company Google, plans to make a film about the life of the cook. In fact, the involvement of the technology company May is full. The new Manchester venue is available through the intervention of audiovisual giant.

But not all memories and happy news. Challenges on the horizon outlined. For example, the new site is clearly an improvement over the old and its style is equally basic, Stoics, Simplistic ... you can project the spirit of Siam Smiles as did the old garage conditioning?

It may well be expected to, in the end the real product being offered in a catering business is food. And that has not changed. The recipes are modifications of those originally learned on YouTube, Astonishingly, It has won the press and customers with them. Because, expected to continue to serve the same menu help make the transition without major altercations between local.

In the letter include Siam Smile, among many others, the following dishes:

  • Thai Green Curry with zucchini, shrimp and green beans.
  • Kao pad the prow chopped pork with bubbling chili and anise liqueur basil.
  • Sausages where e Fermented and loaded with garlic (not suitable for beginners).
  • fried cuttlefish chili sauce provided with hints of nuts.
  • Fish ginger with vegetables and mushrooms.
  • Seafood soup with lemongrass, kafir lime and galangal root.

Definitely, very tempting treats for anyone craving for food in Southeast Asia. With the price of airline flights between Spain and the United Kingdom, fancy going to see if May is having luck in your new location in Manchester. Maybe we test!

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