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Decoding the transformation of the restaurant industry


It is unstoppable. We're checking every day. Advancing a wonderful transformation in our industry is requiring us much: more strategic view, more investment in innovation, more courage in being disruptive.

Making making in the hospitality industry and hospitality It is made daily, considering the technological innovations that support improved operational, examples of successful business models that succeed on the planet and that globalization can be implemented in (almost) anywhere in the world, a new way of understanding work teams, managing purchases, the design of the customer experience, etc.

Choosing the best technology, Select the best tools and channels to run an effective marketing, offer the team the best training to efficient and motivated professionals, choose the most appropriate product distribution channels, implementing corporate responsibility policies or operate sustainability commitments is a daunting task that requires keeping abreast of developments and trends in all areas cited.

All this is a puzzle of information and resources that entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and business managers must decode from Mondays to Sundays, 365 days a year improve the competitiveness of their companies. I speak not only large companies or business groups, This affects small and medium businesses also.

A new business literature

Fortunately, many professionals are beginning to share their knowledge management (as the great book of Abel Valverde, Host, Recommended reading), now found on the shelves of the best bookstores on-off line along with a vast literature devoted to the kitchen, so far the only publications that appeared to have pull pubic.

Marketing for hotels and restaurants in the new scenarios, communication and customer service, the loyalty of these, economic management and analysis of operations in a catering establishment are becoming topics of interest to a large part of our professional, eager for knowledge. And I venture to predict the interest of publishing this new business literature.

On paper or digital, publications such as this newspaper are being fundamental to facilitating quickly content relevant a hearing It is growing apace, looking for trends global and local, providing a professional point of view, arguing the pros and cons of all the news. Definitely, working for a more skilled hospitality to meet the continuing challenges.

All this transformation, all this avalanche of information must be decoded and along with good business judgment, apply. And this is where come into play events like HOSPITALITY4.0, a Congress-minded knowledge forum and workspace, where learn who else knows, share with who has the same interests, walk a path together who have the same questions and maintain contact with those who believe that this decoding should be participatory.

The optimism of the good prospects that most socio-economic analyzes give away the sector, adds awareness professionalization of the many offices that make up the great family HORECA and the need to improve competitiveness in all areas of business, applying technology and digital transformation that affects both the company and society.

Move forward together is the way to draw a clear upgrade path, combining the efforts of teachers, disseminators, consultants, experts in different materials and professional. Sharing knowledge is the best way to understand this transformation.

The hope in HOSPITALITY4.0 to meet the challenge of generating a stronger industry, more sustainable and more experiential, decoding together transformation.

About the Author

Trend research, innovation and strategy, consultant and lecturer. Director of Hospitality 4.0 HIP Congress Madrid. Founder and Director of HorecaSpeakers. Professor of Basque Culinary Center, OSTELEA / EAE and other business schools. Handbook author Neo Innkeepers Valientes.


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