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Love Telepizza by Nestle in Twitter comes a chocolate pizza for Valentine # entucajaoenlamía


When it is growing lack least for a new Valentine, We have already begun to see the first signs of affection. And is that the Twitter accounts Telepizza Y chocolates Nestlé, They take one week flirting in the eyes of all his followers..

The reason? Everything points to a new attempt by Telepizza finally achieve perfect sweet chocolate pizza. Last year at this time, the pizza brand and tried to KitKat, A brand of the same family as Nestlé! The result was a KitKat chocolate pizza and not too enamored users.

Chronology of a sweet romance

A year later, Telepizza returned to the fray on the occasion of the arrival of Valentine, this time, pointing to Nestlé, and completely forgetting his previous affair with KitKat. further, what at first he intended to be a friendly proposal, Nestle's proposal seemed too direct, and he proposed to the Spanish brand, that worked a little proposition, adding some more romanticism to a request crowned with #hashtag #entucajaoenlamía.

Apparently, both a mark as another, "They took the gauntlet", And so it began a beautiful story of ligoteo, loves and hates that managed without any doubt, engaging the audience of Twitter, as you can be seen in the following tuits…

Ahora, estaremos atentos a la creación resultante de este romántico amorío. Nacido en las redes sociales, el día 7 se conocerá la pizza que promete endulzar el próximo 14 de febrero el corazón y los estómagos de los seguidores más fanáticos de Telepizza y de Nestle.

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