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Gastrosexo of the sadomasochistic restaurants


The business hostelry It reinvents year after year. Today it is not just offering a quality meal at a good price, but the theming is also assessed, which sometimes seeks to adapt the public more diverse.

The process of economic development in China has not been immune to this trend, and for that reason it is possible to find several Local adapted to the latest trends, including the erotic-sexual. Nevertheless, in the West, the erotic restaurants They are already known to the public for several decades.

Erotic restaurants

Called erotic restaurants they started to spread in the seventies in the United States and Western Europe. In Spain, its introduction was somewhat later, during the eighties, Once the Franco dictatorship. These local they highlighted by a different decoration, accompanied by aphrodisiac recipes and a redacted letter impish terminology and a sharp double meaning.

Restaurants erotic respond to a strategy marketing is to offer an engaging experience for target young and middle-aged, of both sexes and a high average purchasing power what are you looking for, In addition to eating well, spend a nice and different time. As usual, This type of client has a high cultural level and has fewer prejudices about sexuality than other socioeconomic.

Another point to note is that the erotic charge is not incompatible with good food, and these restaurants have specialized in certain type of product, such as sushi, Special desserts or organic food.

The confidential

A restaurant erotic may have several aspects and be aimed at different audiences: heterosexual, gay, facilitate swingers or the nudism. There are restaurants in the US and UK customers only allowed nude and Spain has one open in Tenerife, and so it seems with great success.

Another point to note is that the erotic is not incompatible with the good food, and these restaurants have specialized in certain type of product, as may be the sushi, Special desserts or organic food. This is money that the customer pays compensate, not only by the subject of local, but also by the product.

An innovative case is that of locals who have a sadomasochistic decoration. This is the case of a Beijing restaurant, he S&M, which you are having a great success and has become industry benchmark, It is one of the best known local erotic world.


He sadomaso It is an activity practiced by millions of people, and it is based on a combination of basic sexual desires and the assumption of certain roles of dominance and submission agreed and consensual between the two sides. This place based on this subject is He opened in 2016 with the intention of welcome a young and friendly atmosphere to new experiences.

This restaurant decorated Beijing whole is based on sadomasochistic reasons. A first detail that strikes are several tied mannequins (bondage) at the entrance, and scourges exposed in different rooms, inflatable dolls and other drawings painted on the walls, sadomaso also subject.

Secondly, vessels shaped female breast and the openers have penis, which clearly it conveys the intention erotic local. The waiters dress in uniforms adorned with rubber breasts plus various sexual motives and the owner wants to include the option to spank, something that has not yet built, imagine that by disagreements with the labor agreement of the place. Also appreciates the possibility of allowing couples to perform sadomasochistic practices in local.

The restaurant has had some problems with authorities, the latest was in April when it was closed for a fortnight.

In any case, Note that these restaurants are successful and they are being made with a clientele. The trend is that This business model It extends in an increasingly global economy.

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