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Internet of Things (IoT) Internet of Things (IoR)…yes, but with caution


Bruce Schneier, Security expert technologist, cybersecurity professor at the Government School John F. Harvard Kennedy and staunch critic of data mining, It is very clear: “The technology industry is about to take over asset you never knew you had”.

In this case, macrodata assets are to be drawn through the big data that generates an interconnected and fitted kitchen Internet of things (IoT – Internet of Things).

Are restaurants giving something they should not? Yes, but the alternative is tedious, consume resources without limit and it is not easy to apply.

In a situation similar to that already he lived with the arrival and establishment of apps to make online reservations, day today indispensable for any business that wants to enjoy a buoyant existence, Restore the IoT applications are here to stay, not before raising a whole range of questions, concerns and fears among catering professionals.

exciting and uncounted secrets characteristics of IoT applications for restoration

Según Schneier, “Much of the Internet of Things Extractive and is disempowering and yet is seen as a tool to control employees and owners”.

Why something would be desirable?

The answer is found in the Technological pavilion NRA Show 2017, a sort of international catering market innovation whose section is stored with suspicion by Microsoft.

The software giant, along with a plethora of small emerging companies associated, They present there the latest developments destined for restaurants in fields as disparate as the criptodivisas, encryption, the Internet of Things, loyalty programs or gamification.

During the last edition, highlighted the add-on for Cortana adopting chatbot functions aimed at the world of restoration and is also able to answer frequently asked questions, detecting recurring issues that do not appear in the database and learn appropriate responses to raise the level of user satisfaction. Managing social presence provided by Sprinklr, adding mentions sprouting everywhere on the net, analyzes the sentiment contained in these, It generates reports for business managers and even responds to the authors of comments. They stressed, Besides, systems accessibility for people with severe hearing problems Nextep Systems (who also have products for the blind).

The IoT applications for restaurants They were one of the centers of attention in the technology pavilion. The ability to collect customer data for better monitor the needs of diners, dispose of endowed self inventories, systems that evaluate the actions to be taken to reduce waste generated or control every step template offer multiple to weigh prospects to increase profits business.

Convert each appliance in the kitchen in a unit IoT raises some ethical questions, However. What about data mining ceases to be a tool to become a attack on privacy?

The reality is that the IoT is used to make a Comprehensive monitoring both the kitchen interconectada as people They are frequenting local: staff and customers.

Mesh Systems, one of the start-ups received in the NRS Show 2017 by Microsoft, It presents a software every second that stores information associated with each employee. In some way, professional team dehumanizes, which inevitably leads to increased stress and discontent shown by the template, a feeling of degradation and alienation, as well as a loss of productivity, interest and commitment.

Given the nature of the fair, little or no talk in it about the discontent of staff, property data, using the same or vulnerabilities that have many of these systems.

In the case of Mesh Systems, it boasted the ability to spy on employees at any time, either way, unmitigated ... also they took the opportunity to evangelize other products: high-end coffee maker able to control stocks and pantry report on the needs maintenance or replacement.

A manager's ears is hard to resist the tidbit: POS tricks, good marketing strategies, efficient management of employees... All this adds value to the owner. But, on the other hand, no mention of how it's done diluted ownership. These same companies get a maintenance contract and the opportunity to negotiate and sell more”, dice Schneier.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Undeniably the benefit they bring the IoT applications in restoration, but in an emerging market with hundreds (if not thousands) new companies materializing and dissolving annually, it is not uncommon to appear bad habits. Some of the most talked about are the following:

  • Data collection on the health of the clientele that would violate the code of ethics.
  • Impediments to use the machine consumables brands as litigants third using tools DRM (Digital Rights Management), or directly preventing interconnectivity.
  • Usurpation of macrodata restaurant by showing DMCA local owners are not the real owners of the information generated (clientele, menus, Reservations…).
  • Installation of unwanted updates, and sometimes directly harmful, which surreptitiously installed without user consent.
  • Lack of transparency in the data. While useful data are collected for the restorer documentation for applications is collected not publicly disclosed.
  • malicious use of international legislation, lagged, abstruse and full of loopholes in order to make it impossible to know the true owner of the data or exercise the legitimate rights over them.
  • Selling data to third and subsequent obtaining illicit profits.

Internet is born of Restaurants (IoR)

From this newspaper launched a new term, he “Internet of Things (IoR)” we are confident that he will play a key role in the digital transformation of the industry. But we want to make it clear, we do not advocate that alarmism, but the reality is that before converting each appliance in the kitchen of a restaurant in a hyper-intelligent machine and we have to well weigh the pros and cons; Y, especially, make a detailed business research with which pretend to collaborate to confirm that they have a unpolluted and reassuring history.

If it is not done, in the best case we will have to deal with some of the tasks listed above; At worst, we can become victims of hacking to put our business in question.

This has already happened to chains like Chipotle, Cici's Pizza, Whole Foods, Chick-fil-A, Jimmy Johns o Dairy Queen, among many.

As it says Brian Krebs, who is usually responsible for the discovery of security breaches in the restoration, the PoS have been "traditionally one of the weak points', and they are now being overshadowed by a operating systems that leave much to be desired and they installed without rhyme or reason in art appliances that make up the Internet of things in our kitchen.

In this sense, You can not give the best advice given by a representative of AT&T a Pacific Standard: must “measure all digitization efforts and connectivity from a point of view of risk assessment”.

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  1. IoT technology allows hotel owners to optimize conditions inside your hotel, provide a more personalized experience for guests and reduce waiting times. In terms of operations, automation and real-time data can help companies identify and even prevent problems before they occur some problems.

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