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From restaurant to yacht: the new service of delivery of food and drink by drone


The world of mobility in the restaurant sector covers all kinds of initiatives with great disruptive potential. In the last decade we have witnessed how delivery companies with web portals have become a Rosetta stone in the hospitality ecosystem. New technologies such as autonomous driving or artificial intelligence they also promise to profoundly transform restoration as we know it today.

The use of drones in food delivery applications has already been explored with more or less success. Domino’s Pizza tried his luck in some big cities, but the state regulations in force in EE. THE. prevented a pilot project from being carried out with full guarantees. On the other hand, some golf courses have already used this system to bring cold beers and snacks to players who are scattered around the course.

Now, a new solution also aimed at wealthy clients has made an appearance in Ibiza. The Balearic Islands are one of the most important tourist destinations in our country. Specific, Ibiza is known throughout the world for parties, good food and luxury. Many tourists head there to enjoy the surroundings more private. Often, the yacht is a complement to these hard-to-reach holiday complexes.

Nevertheless, being in the middle of the sea, a momentary whim that was not anticipated may get in the way between the vacationer and their enjoyment. Thanks to the technology company Aerocameras, specialized in novel uses of autonomous drones, this will no longer be a problem.

Aerocamaras is a pioneer company in the use of these unmanned aerial vehicles. Although the most common is that they collaborate in photogrammetry, They have also played an important role in the prevention of fires and in the conservation of the natural environment of Spain.. Now, with a less important but more glamorous initiative, have made headlines in numerous national media by establishing a food delivery service to yachts in Ibiza.

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The service has been named Drone to Yatch and is available to both foreign visitors (offer care in multiple languages) like the nationals. It is a field test to evaluate the viability of the business in order to scale it up and export it to other tourist hot spots on the planet..

The first restaurant to dare to test the operation of the delivery system with drones was the Can Yucas, a place on the beach that specializes in meat, fish and shellfish. While they have broken the ice this 2021, those responsible for Aerocamaras hope to have 10 collaborating restaurants in the area for 2022. A not inconsiderable growth.

In the low season that begins with late fall, they will explore the feasibility of extending the model to other major coastal destinations.. Miami (Florida, OF. UU.) and the Dominican Republic are in immediate focus. If everything goes fine, they would soon offer the service there.

Among the most interesting features of the drone used in Dron to Yatch, AeroHyb, is your ability to trace a route don't go to the beach and discriminate the position of the boat in the middle of the sea to obtain a more precise positioning than that offered by the coordinates.

Food is lowered into a basket thanks to a twenty meter cable, sufficient length to keep a safe distance from the crew. The electric model in use is fast and quiet. further, its autonomy allows it to make flights of up to two kilometers, so you can take the food from Can Yucas to the ships that have moved further away.

As usual, transit time is between two or three minutes. Those who wait on the yacht will not do so for long. The drone can work for seven hours before refueling and is capable of doing deliveries of up to five kilos, enough to hold a banquet for even the most gluttonous of sailors.

In Aerocamaras they have managed to explore a niche, the maritime, that is not subject to as many restrictions as others. According to a company spokesperson, They see the delivery of parcels or food at home as impractical in the present decade. While, they study how to take advantage of existing business opportunities in coastal cities.

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