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Traditional restaurant restaurant robotized, a complicated transition


Technological unemployment It is always a heated topic of discussion, but it's when you really transgressive technologies emerge when the debate gets tricky.

We have lived through one of those stages, something that did not live since the Industrial Revolution. Others are more conservative and compare the changes experienced by industries today with early adoption of information technology in business.

It is indisputable that artificial intelligence, machine learning, macrodata analysis and other technologies that have recently entered the market will vastísimas consequences given its enormous transformative capacity. The game's rules are changing.

And so he picks up the famous University of Oxford, where a study was published last year it showed that half of American jobs could be enraptured by computer automation.

The catering industry is no stranger to this trend.

The latest example comes from China, Giant hand Wholesale Alibaba. Within the shopping complex Hema Supermarket Shanghai (China) It has opened the restaurant robotized Robot.he.

The Robot.he is a banner of the entrepreneurial vision of Alibaba, who boasted the level of automation achieved when compared to cartoons The supersonic the Hanna-Barbera. Local doubles, Besides, Summum of technology implementation in the catering sector. The establishment collecting lessons learned Amazon Go Seattle and stores Alibaba, adapting them to the scene of a restaurant.

The result is a business with futuristic setting where diners are identified at the entrance to scan a code with their smartphones. The tracking system known from that time the situation of clients and sends the appropriate commands to the robots of camaraderie or conveyors.

Does the visitor feel like seafood? With absolute immediacy cooks receive the necessary ingredients, conveniently dispensed by a robot pinpoint accuracy. the inconvenience suffered by customers are thus reduced: instead of a waiter demanding note you have a tablet from which you can order food at any time.

When pinches have completed their work and the chefs responsible for quality control give their approval, is Time robots camaraderie. A fleet of small mobile robots inspired by automated ships carry Alibaba own prepared dishes to the corresponding tables.

The Robot.he is the latest installment in an increasingly complex series of specialized food processors. In just a few years behind us obsolete dispensers fresh salads, viral robotic arms Doran hamburger steaks and almost risible articulated arm barista to yield authentic site engineering marvels that have come to stay. The prequel to this Chinese restaurant is, definitely, the Creator of San Francisco, whose opening we have covered in the past in this newspaper.

in EE. THE. These enhanced with robotic solutions restaurants appear like mushrooms. The Spyce founded by MIT students, the Junkichi Seattle, the Caliburger Pasadena, the Zume Pizza ... And the list, far from over, keep going.

In this maelstrom of robotics for restoration and excessive automation begins to emerge a new movement that dispels, at least to some extent, Ominous calígines who peered into the future. This is the cobots robots or collaborative. Alone are not bright, but to team up with a human worker are able to create a synergy. Robots are excellent at performing repetitive tasks without making mistakes. Humans are superior in evaluating, predict, trends and draw conclusions, and make decisions accordingly. Working together, we're unstoppable.

In his presentation "The incredible inventions of intuitive artificial intelligence" for TED, Maurice Conti He offered his perspective on the benefits of collaborative work between humans and robots. Conti visualiza a new workspace in which robots and humans potentiate each other.

Could it be this situation that prevails in the restaurants of the future?

McDonald's has recently faced harsh criticism because of its new interactive kiosks for self-service. The accusations against the franchise hamburger dealt on future downsizing and technological unemployment in general. The answer? Unnecessary cash positions will shape the new service camaraderie that the company is encouraging.

And is that in restaurants humane treatment is still necessary, that expertise difficult to define a machine is still centuries to offer. A witty joke to attend a family, have a detail with a person who is saddened. Little things that any human can interpret. Social understanding and empathy are the core values ​​that can provide future workers, both in the world of restaurants and other businesses in the service sector.

In the kitchen staff you will receive aid of machines. The service will be dominated by chatbots and only communications out of the ordinary employees require intervention. Managers will have fewer responsibilities in charge, decision-making based on machine learning being, the internet of things and macrodata. Workers will be limited to solving problems and doing what they really stand out, definitely.

While certainly, in this period of technological transition will be many headaches that have to endure sector employees.

Among the most common reasons why a job is abandoned in Figure restoration the increasing stress of the need to master a collection of complex technological tools: sale terminals touch point, tablets board, apps own mobile, chatbots integrated social networks, profiles on reserve management, profiles on review pages and some others.

The training period required has expanded accordingly, making staff more tedious selection process again. Nor is it the best time for managers and owners.

Even so, the emergence of robotized restaurants is ongoing. And this is because We are aware of the prize at the end of the road.

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