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Deliveroo ships free home delivery to its food critics for a year


The coronavirus crisis has kept restaurants in various regions closed tight. This is the case of the United Kingdom for example, where hospitality businesses could only provide their services using the modality of delivery, until just a few days ago.

Although the delivery of food at home has become enormously popular for years, only with the arrival of the pandemic have some of the demographic segments most reluctant to use it been encouraged to test the system for the first time. In this way, delivery companies specialized in the catering market have managed to cajole baby boomers.

However, there's still plenty of room for growth. A Deliveroo, One of the most important companies in this segment in the United Kingdom, this fact has not gone unnoticed.

To project its image in the British market, the company believes that the best strategy is for the population to know what are the benefits of the items available through its web portal. And to achieve it, Instead of turning to a famous food critic, they have opted to offer a unique opportunity to their community.

Deliveroo selected the participants of its new program a few months ago. The deal is as follows: the three candidates accepted for this initiative have received a credit worth 3120 £ on your Deliveroo accounts. This money is used so that they can pay up to three orders through the platform each week, during the 52 weeks that this experience lasts.

Throughout the year The three participants will be obliged to contribute to the blog of the brand with food reviews and videos. In this way Deliveroo aims to achieve three effects:

  • Get media attention with this innovative idea
  • Reward your community of consumers with one year of free meals
  • Publicize the service they provide in the United Kingdom so that the traffic they receive increases

It is undeniable that the first point has met the expectations of the company. Newscasts and tabloids across the country picked up the news for his clever strategy.. It's more, the campaign has transcended English borders and has managed to arouse international interest.

The community has also responded very positively. Not for less. The three winners will have the funds to use them as they wish.

If what you want is fast food, large British cities not only have the options of American influence (the mythical hamburger trio, pizza and hot dog) by hand, rather, there is a robust network of places that offer Mexican and Middle Eastern specialties (tacos, burritos, kebab…). The ethnic food is very in vogue both in the capital and outside of it.

If, on the contrary, they prefer to use the money obtained to try signature cuisine, they can also do so without problem. Deliveroo offers on its platform various award-winning restaurants Michelin star, for example.

Deliveroo has decided to name the winners of the contest rooviewers and as part of their collaboration they not only have access to all the local restaurants from their computer or mobile terminal, but they will receive dishes from all corners of the UK. In this way the options are substantially expanded and the variety will prevent reviewers from getting bored throughout the 52 weeks the challenge lasts.

The candidatures have been selected based on the communication skills of the applicants. According to Aisha Jefferson, Head of Communications for Deliveroo UK and Ireland, there is "great food out there waiting to be discovered and we want to help more people find it". To this fervent wish he added: «We know that our current customers love food, from your favorite local dishes to street food; A) Yes, this is an opportunity for Deliveroo devotees with a good palate and an affinity for good food to try new and incredible recipes ».

The initiative comes after a tremendously difficult year for UK restaurants. Deliveroo was an essential support during the hardest moments of March and April of last year. Hence, the platform grew exponentially in 2020, adding up 20.000 new restaurants that began to collaborate with the company delivery.

Your competitors in the market, Just Eat Y Uber Eats mainly, have also experienced similar growth, but maybe not so explosive.

With this initiative Deliveroo has wanted to give a hand to all those restaurants, summoning all its users of legal age residing in British territory to be part of the Rooviewers program.

The requirements that the three selected had to meet to receive respective contributions from 3120 £ were the following according to the participation bases:

  • Experience with all kinds of foods
  • Willingness to try different culinary styles
  • Taste for the sweet and the tasty
  • Familiarity with organized dining brands and willingness to try independent local restaurants
  • Adventurous gastronomic spirit
  • Ability to transform the experience foodie in a good recommendation or review (written or on video)

Rooviewers reviews will appear on the company blog regularly. We hope that the entries provided by the winners will be to the liking of the audience., invite consumption and help UK restaurants come to the fore. They need it.

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