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Delivery de Influencers, hundreds of virtual restaurants powered by a celebrity


What's better to do marketing from influencers? Well be your own influence and launch a virtual restaurant brand as part of your diversification plan.

That's just what he's done MrBeast, he youtuber most influential of the moment. With its crazy challenges and entrepreneurial philosophy based on an aggressive reinvestment of the profits generated, MrBeast has managed to prevail over YouTube's ranking algorithm.

Although it is still far from the subscriber record held by the titanic PewDiePie, MrBeast's net worth is estimated to be the highest on the entire platform, hovering around the eighteen millions of dollars.

The latest craze of the mass idol has been to open a chain of fast food restaurants. In his video "I opened a restaurant that pays you to eat in it" published on his channel last 19 from December, MrBeast opens the report showing a kilometer-long queue of cars waiting to enter the free restaurant that has opened in Wilson (North Carolina, OF. UU.).

Fans crowd around the venue as MrBeast and friends scramble to make burgers.. Your inexperience in the kitchen causes delays, but they have a good strategy to keep the spirits of the diners high: he youtuber distributes bundles of bills left and right among those waiting on the other side of the car window. drive-thru.

It doesn't take long for the time when the boys can't cope with the burgers. Luckily dispensing money serves them equally. The advertising campaign is a success.

The video has more than 45 million views and the media echoed the intrepid feat. MrBeast had not only opened a restaurant that paid you to eat in it but had launched a national chain with more than 300 points of sale.

To achieve this they have relied on a business model 100% digital. The restaurants are not open to visitors and operate as ghost kitchens or shared dark kitchens. Diners can order through their favorite food delivery platforms.

Instead of opting for an exclusivity contract with negotiated rates, MrBeast has opted for a strategy multiapp oriented to optimize traffic. A) Yes, Anyone who wants to enjoy the MrBeast Burger catalog can order through by Dash, Postmates, Uber Eats O Grubhub, the most important companies in the sector in EE. THE.

further, MrBeast team has launched their own app mobile from which you can also make orders. This program will help you reinforce your brand image (if that is possible) and build customer loyalty through promotions in the eccentric MrBeast style. While these lines are being written they are drawn 5000$ in free food among users.

Users who will be able to taste the special hamburgers designed by MrBeast and friends (Chandler, Chris y Karl). The menu is complemented by chicken sandwiches, French fries with sauces and condiments, combinations, chocolate drink and cookies.

The followers of influence can receive items from Alaska to New Mexico. Especially in California and Massachusetts, where the largest number of MrBeast Burgers in the United States are concentrated.

It is clear that the famous youtuber he has not been able to direct this operation alone. To achieve this he has had the help of a specialized agency: Virtual Dining Concepts. This company led by former restaurant owners linked to brands such as Hard Rock Cafe Y Planet Hollywood puts in value its knowledge in digitization to implement virtual brands from partner restaurants.

They have collaborated with personalities like Mariah Carey, DJ Pauly D, Tyga or Mario López; and manage various successful brands such as City Burger Co, Wing Squad, OMV Burger, Potato Buns Burger Co o Veggie Kingdom.

Each of the concepts is different. In the case of celebrities, virtual brands adapt to the projected image.

A) Yes, at Mariah Carey’s Cookies pastry and pop aesthetics reign. Triple Chocolate Cookies are featured alongside festive options like Red Velvet Cookies for Valentine's. Diet alternatives such as spiced oatmeal cookies and raisins are also on display.

At Tyga's initiative they sought out a snack that would resonate with the rapper's community.. The selected chicken specialties were very well received and continue to be a bestseller today..

And at Pauly D’s Italian Subs, Italian sandwiches claim to be the star product. At the moment the musician's restoration project has not been launched and Virtual Dining Concepts is in the recruitment phase of restaurants and kitchens interested in providing the items for distribution.

VDC is in charge of the technological solutions associated with the digital channel; of the branding and marketing online; compatibility with external companies; menu design and update; of customer service; of the sales and public relations strategy; of the training program; and the creation of webs, apps and profiles on social networks.

A) Yes, whoever wants to launch a virtual brand can do so without difficulty. You don't even have to invest in facilities. You will just have to promote the products and make peace with the fact that you will only receive a 30% of the benefits.

Despite the fact that the creator of the initiative receives a part of the remuneration, the benefits of VDC cannot be overlooked: no upfront costs, no long-term contracts, the model is sufficiently tested and successful, less than six weeks pass from contact to inauguration, Y Virtual Dining Concepts takes care of doing practically everything.

Although the case of virtual restaurants in MrBeast that they pay you to eat is an eccentricity, It seems that there is no doubt that more celebrities or celebrities will launch their own virtual restaurant brands through services like this. Are we facing the birth of a new business niche in delivery, he Delivery de Influencers?

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  1. Excellent article, very motivating because it makes us imagine how to apply our knowledge and partner with other colleagues to be a VDC. We would contact influencers and recognized figures who want to take advantage of their image to generate money. We would revolutionize the market in Costa Rica.
    You help us Diego?

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