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displayed: Food tastes better if presented by the restaurant's chef


Studies in recent years show that a high percentage of diners sugestiona to interact directly with the cook chef or restaurant.

Choose a restaurant to enjoy an exceptional menu is increasingly difficult. Why? Why the times have changed consumer preferences, who have become more demanding in terms of food quality but also consider other aspects: The ubication, the lighting, the decoration, music, the atmosphere, the treatment received by staff and, Of course, the price. Nevertheless, Perhaps it has ignored the most important of all, What is it the presentation of dishes local star, a task in which the chef uses its best weapons to be compelling to customers.

The presence of the chef, indispensable nowadays

And It was once unthinkable that a chef leave the kitchen to talk with diner, the current reality is quite different. And what is the relevance of that figure has acquired through media such as television, grill whose culinary programs become important -as already mentioned in previous articles.

Such is the media power of some chefs it has become normal to see them as protagonists ad, promoting their new books or serving image other causes little or nothing resembling their profession. chefs like Jordi Cruz, Alberto Chicote, Gordon Ramsay O David Muñoz They are considered celebrities in and out of the screens, so no diner would deny that any of them were approached to suggest a dish, recommend a wine or, simply, ask how is the food.

It is about, so, an unprecedented idealization in which giving very little, a chef can get a lot because their presence in the local who runs gives prestige, fame and, Finally, money.

All this makes them influential people who claim to be at the same level as movie stars, musicians, writers and even politicians. In fact, each year hundreds of lists are developed based on different criteria and they are not lacking genuine geniuses of gastronomy as Alain Ducasse, Juan Mari Arzak, Heston Blumenthal O Thomas Keller.

Time magazine, meanwhile, He has also begun include in their particular ranking of 100 most influential and powerful people several chefs. The Spanish Jose Andres, Danish René Redzepi, both in 2012, and Brazilian Alex Atala, in 2013, They have the honor to have been recognized by this prestigious publication.

A diner to taste is synonymous with success

True, no need to cook is famous for comforting us that talk to us, just let us feel important and comfortable at all times. That is why the chef, besides cooking, He has to make the artist within and act as if it were his best work, becoming a great storyteller, telling a credible story and thus achieve the goal of earning customer trust to the extent that it does not consider the taste of food and other who brings to the table.

A study shows the influence of chefs on diners

For a long time, in catering came various experts warning of the importance of protecting even the smallest detail for a restaurant is distinguished as a single establishment. And they were right, everything is relevant.

Serge and Seal, -in a restaurant Wanchai Hong Kong-, He decided to conduct an experiment taking as example 48 diners. With the excuse that they were part of a test intended to help the chef to improve one of its dishes are He offered two versions of risotto with saffron and lemon liquorice after trying to give their opinion.

The first, delicious thanks to the inclusion of a homemade chicken broth, It was served with a card explaining the ingredients used. The second version also carried broth, however this was powdered and diluted with tap water; the big difference was that it was the own “chef” local, Charles Pelletier, who approached the table and presented to their guests with great detail: source of ingredients, preparation step and up the story of how this dish inspired by a childhood memory was born.

The results, at Discover

After tasting, Serge and Seal invited guests to perform a simple assessment in which several criteria such as taste were taken into account, the smell, the quality, aesthetics and portion size, among others. At the end of the questionnaire the question was clear, Which of the two plates would choose? curiously, -the overwhelming majority 77%- He opted for the second despite being made with ingredients worst. A customer's eyes this was superior in all aspects, even in size, although both portions were identical.

It demonstrated how human beings can be easily manipulated by such simple weapons such as the presence and kindness of the chef for his diners. And is that, the 48 diners were not only “deceived” by star chef Serge et le Phoque but this was not such, then to make matters worse was the co-owner of the establishment who donned white uniform and played with a French accent.

The concern is that not only happens in the field of hospitality, but also in other areas even more important. Who has not happened?

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