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Discover Ixi'im, the most beautiful restaurant in the world


You know what the most beautiful restaurant in the world? True. Beauty is an important component of subjectivity. Nevertheless, the fact that Versailles awarded the Prix prize 2018 says a lot about the category of the establishment concerned. Its about restaurant Ixi'im, located in the Yucatan Peninsula and designed by Pauline Moran, Jorge Bolio Architecture, Lavalle Peniche Architects, Mauricio Gallegos Arquitectos Y SCP Central Projects.

The successful work of this team of architects has been recognized in the category restaurants. He ixi'im born to liven up the powerhouse of an old hacienda henequenera, which she had its heyday between the second half of the nineteenth century and the second half of the twentieth century.

Inside the restaurant, is displayed the World's largest tequila bottles collection. Paulina Morán design architect location, float glass and metal. A visual feast of many that hides this restaurant.

In the Paris headquarters UNESCO, It was held the ceremony of world awards Versailles Price 2018, They are representing Annual recognition of commercial architecture from around the world to promote interaction between culture and the economy. These galardones Price Versailles They seek to change the way we see the duality between functionality and beauty related experiences, in this gastronomic event. It has been recognized as “the most beautiful restaurant in the world”.

In this edition, among twelve winning projects they were presented 70 finalists 32 different countries- Architecture hotels, shops, shopping centers and restaurants, showing that architectural relationship with its context is a key issue and demonstrate that binomial economy-culture can be a reality.

In recent years, the Mexico's current architectural production has experienced a great progression and it has positioned itself on the global stage of these prestigious awards for its ability to combine history and our present time with existing resources.

This hacendario set consists of several separate structures, including the Roundhouse, that makes public space or main square. A shaft connects, since its inception, the main town of the hacienda with other nearby settlements.

To know a little better the restaurant Ixi'im just have to admire this tour images taken account Instagram, in which can be seen the excellence of its architecture and gastronomy.

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